Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mal Katai Versus Gruul

Dateline Blade's Edge Mountains.

After losing High King Maulgar and his Council, Gruul set out to deal with the interlopers from Azeroth himself.

What he met was a force the likes of which he had not seen before.

Gruul's main target would be the leader and organizer of Mal Katai, the Priest Doraeallin. But standing in his way, tall and powerful ,was a Warrior, Lanorah and the Holy Knight of the Silver Hand, Honorshammer. With them, but hidden in the shadows were Sneakyfeet, Deil and a mighy panther, Trelic. Spread out behind them were the workers of powerful elemental magics, Raistlan, Aerlion, Pulse, Badoman, and weavers of shadow like Lissy, Maxpayne, Valdrin, Splinterrdc, Getdempurps, and the Priests Faeye, and Grimaltus, along with rangers like Crunkbaby, Araxe, and Stdbakerhwk, with powerful beast from both Outland and Azeroth at their side. The entire force under the watchful eye of Dora, with the guardians of Nature, Lamashtu and Celoria, and the blessing of Silver Hand, Sevenn, Reddrick, and Mowbray.

Both forces let loose with a terrifying battle roar as they engaged. As you can see in this exclusive video, Lanorah and Honorshammer charged in first, with the rest of the melee firepower close at hand.

Gruul reached up with one of his mighty hands and dug a huge gash in the ceiling of his cave starting a cave in that the heroes had to dive away from. Powerful magics of all schools and deadly projectiles pelted the Gronn Lord. Every moment that went by Gruul grew larger and more powerful.

Gruul lifted both of his fists high above his head and slammed the ground sending gnomes, dwarves, humans, and elves flying in all directions. As he had done to countless dragons before them, he began to slowly close his fist and each hero started to move slower and slower and slower untl finally they were frozen in place. He clapped his monstrous hand together shattering the frozen heroes.

Wounded, but not deterred, the heroes continued their attack. Lanorah was pushing aside Gruul's blows when he noticed her partner, Honorshammer, he reared back and unleashed a Hurtful Strike on the Paladin. Honors was winded but stayed on his feet.

Gruul had one last trick up his sleeve. He let out a deafining, terrible roar. The sound of it bounced and echoed and reverberated throughout his circle room. The heroes clasped at their ears in vain as the prayers of healing and blessing fell silent.

And still Lanorah stood.

The battle raged on and on for minutes that seemed like hours. Time and again Gruul tried every trick and power which had lead him to victory over dragon after dragon, but not against this band of heroes.

The bitter copper taste of defeat began to seep into his consciousness, then everything went dark.

The cheers of Mal Katai echoed through his chambers as the Gronn Lord fell. The deaths of hundreads of black dragons had been avenged.

Found in his lair were two Leggings of the Fallen Defender, and a pair of Bracers of Martial Perfection. Lamashtu removed his Eye and kept it as a trinket.

With Gruul dead, where will Dora lead her band of heroes next? Whereever there is evil to be crushed and wrongs to be avenged.


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