Wednesday, October 31, 2007



RAID!!! (Gruul's, Mag's, SSC, TK)

Run Gruul's for upgrades (ALD, T4 Pants)

Run Karazhan for upgrades (Huntsman's Bracers, Maiden's Neck, Moroe's Trinket, Curator's Legs, Nightbane's Chest, Nightbane's Shield)

Run Heroics (Farm as many badges as possible before 2.3 for upgrades)

Run Battleground's (Farm as much honor as possible to get the S1 healer gear or S1 Ret Gear).

Do Arena's (Try to work towards 5k points)

Farm Gold for my Epic Mount (about halfway there).

Gather all the material I need to power level Engineering to 350. (Need Thorium, Fel Iron, Adamanite and Khorium)

Rested (Get all my alts to fully rested for 2.3, and as busy as I'll be doing the above, it's not like I'll have time to play them anyway).

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