Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shouldn't We Have More Health Than Warriors?

There seem to be a large number of Warriors who are very concerned with the new Combat Expertise talent Paladins are receiving in Patch 2.3.

Now the first approach I take to a conflict like this is try to put myself into the other man's shoes. So if I was a Prot Warrior, instead of a Prot Paladin, what would I be feeling and why would I be reacting with such passionate distress over this change.

I think everyone who has played a Tankadin knows what the prot warriors are going through - uncertainty and worry - and for the first time having to ask themselves the question Paladins ask ourselves from time to time: "Am I a viable tank?"

I understand their seige mentality. They went from the only tank, able to spec whatever they wanted to to tank (Pre-BC), with 2x their class based allotment in raids, to: One of three, soon to be one of four tanks, that had to spec protection to be a good tank, and that is abit weak when tanking in 5 mans. Unable to tank as Fury/Arms and constantly threat capped when dps specced. Uncomfortable to say the least.

Now is the time for us to share in our tanking cousins pain, to encourage and support them just like they have supported us.

But beyond all that, it seems logical to me for Paladins to have more hit points than Warriors. As Warriors have shown time and again, Paladins take more damage than Warriors do. Their Defensive Stance is better than Improved Righteous Fury (10% versus 6%), and Improved Defensive Stance is better against spells than Improved Righteous Fury and Spell Warding (16% versus 10%). So since Paladins take more damage, it seems a logical conclusion that we have more hit points.

Feral Druids take the most damage of any tanking class because they can't Block, or Parry. Their only pure Avoidance stat is Dodge and Miss. They also can not eliminate Crushing Blows.

And they have more Hit Points than any other tanking class.

Paladins come next in damage taken, and with Warriors taking the least amount of damage. So shouldn't hit points scale the same way. Druids most, then Paladins, then Warriors.

Druids = High Hit Points, High incoming Damage
Paladins = Medium Hit Points, Medium Incoming Damage
Warriors = Low Hit Points, Low Incoming Damage.

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