Friday, October 19, 2007

Sleep, Rest, Earned It I Have

Last night was interesting. It started out with me grouping up with some members of Mal Katai to do the new Headless Horseman boss in Scarlet Monastery.

The fight is very, very easy. The Headless Horseman is a level 70 Elite, not even level 72. We were able to 4 man him at one point. Every time we killed him, he dropped the same epic Attack Power ring, which I now have for my Retribution set.

He also drops a nice DPS plate helm. He will be up for another 2 weeks so hopefully, I can get the helm at some point.

What Headless Horseman showed me was what Zul'Aman was going to be like. Scarlet Monastery, like Zul'Aman is in Horde Territory. There were many many Horde there waiting to greet us as we entered the Monastery. Fortunately, the instance was only a short distance away. With Zul'Aman, there will be a long miserable run from the portal to Ghostlands all the way to the instance.

Soon after my Kara group was forming up. I was disappointed to learn that they ran the previous night (Wednesday) when I couldn't be on and did Curator. I can only imagine how disappointed I would have been if he had dropped the Wyrnn Dynasty Greaves, but he didn't.

I would see that disappointment spill over to Thursday when we had 3 Hunters that wanted to go. The one who got left out was very upset. Guild drama ensued. One of the Hunters /gquit, but was eventually coaxed back to the guild.

At Kara, I ran into a group from my old guild Heroes Inc. It was great seeing those guys again, I really miss hanging out with them.

We cleared a ton of trash, and got up to Aran. After some raid juggling to get some Warlocks, we were able to get him down after 3 unsuccessful tries.

He dropped the tanking ring. I was fortunate that my co-Tank, Raydz, and one of the Druids already had it, so it was just me and another druid. Contrary to what usually happens, I actually won it.
I was all excited, until I put it on, and it put me into Crushable. Andormu's Tear is just that good for Passive Uncrushability, that it beats this ring out on that account. This means I'm going to have to spend some time in Shat with all the banked gear I have and find the combination of gear that makes me uncrushable with the most possible Hit Points.
We went ahead and did Chess. Cellestia, Holy Paladin, got the healing Shield. I think it was the last, or next to last upgrade he needs from Kara.
After Chess, we cleared on up to Prince. At this point, it was getting late, and I was getting tired. We made several attempts, but I was clearly off my game. I was getting my lefts and rights mixed up and moving the wrong way. On what I thought was our best attempt, we were actually getting him but I moved right into an Infernal.
I knew I wasn't playing up to my ability, so I gave way and let Raydz tank him, but Raydz would get burst down during Phase 2. A warrior tank is almost certain to take a Crush during Phase 2, and during Phase 2.5 (40% to 30%) that Crush is really going to hurt. I was just too tired to play my character correctly. I don't know about playing a DPSer, but as a Tank or a Healer, if you are slow with your reactions or not thinking clearly, its going to show, and possibly lead to wipes.
Hopefully, we can try him again tonight. One of the Hunters has possibly come up with a 'safe' spot to tank him where we don't have to move much, if at all. I'll be really excited if that works. Prince and Nightbane are two bosses I'd really like to get some loot from.
Speaking of loot, Blogging is a really interesting hobby. One of the benefits is being able to look back at what you wrote previously. On October 8th, I was taking a "I don't care about loot" anymore attitude, because the drops I needed didn't' drop. By the 10th, I was starting to count the days since my last upgrade. Since I made that post, bemoaning how I wasn't getting upgrades, I've gotten 4 upgrades to my set. The very next time I went into Kara, I got Moroes Belt. Then I bought my Mace. Then my T4 Shoulder token dropped, and now the Ring.
My little Shammy, Raijin, hit level 20 and got his Water quest, so it's off to Gankenvale for him.

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Raydz said...

"I would see that disappointment spill over to Thursday when we had 3 Hunters that wanted to go. The one who got left out was very upset. Guild drama ensued. One of the Hunters /gquit, but was eventually coaxed back to the guild."

This is why I feel we need set kara group runs, so people arnt logging on for like 1 boss, getting saved to the instance and then being left out later on. I bet we sometimes have 15+ people all saved to the same kara run.