Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Taking Leave Of My Senses

Okay, this is probably a crazy idea, but here goes. I was on the PTR the other day and I saw one of the new Engineering Flying Mounts. Wow, they look soooooo cool. I was an Engineer pre BC, but I dropped it to level up Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting has done very nice for me and my guildies (both current and former).

I've noticed that I don't hardly mine much anymore. Most of my playtime is spent in an instance, or Ogril'la or Ruins of Karabor.

So I've started saving mats to grind up Engineering. The BoP helm is a nice bonus, but I'm doing it mostly for the mount. I really missed the Teleporters. The cooldown was a bit excessive though. Now comes word that the Potion Injectors can used by non Engineers so maybe there is some hope for the profession.

So far I've got most of the mats for the early levels. I know the rough part will be all the thorium, fel iron and adamantite I need. I'm going to farm up as much of it as I can before I drop Mining.

In other news, one of the responses I got to my alt conundrum was to make a new alt Mage. I have said many times, I don't like being a clothie. Well Face says that as long as I spec Frost to level I won't be "that" squishy.

So I tried it. I made a Gnome Mage and named him ZeroKelvin. I did the first 6 levels on him and I must say he's pretty fun. It's amazing to me to watch a same level mob die before it can even reach my little Gnome. Gnome is the only race Alliance side that I haven't played much. So ZeroKelvin is definitely in the running. Unfortunately I can't revise the poll so I'll just see how that plays out.


Farmer Rob said...

mages are ftw!!!!

Wichita said...

Leveling a mage was definitely fun :)

Lance said...

The Name is awesome especially for a frost mage. and they are fun and level pretty quickly. One note if he wins the running learn to AoE grind effectively.