Monday, October 1, 2007

This is on Heroic, right

Saturday night I hadn't intended to do much, just jump on my Hunter and grind Pirates in Tanaris. I had built a bit of "wife aggro" with the run on Friday so I was looking for a short night.

I got asked to tank Heroic Mechanar. Mech is not my favorite Heroic. It's short and has little trash, which is nice, but some of those trash mobs and packs are really crazy. I was promised it would be a short run so I aquiesed and log into Honorshammer.

The group was Me (Paladin Tank), Raistalian (Mage), Splinterdc (Warlock), Maxpayne (Warlock), and Celoria (Druid Healer).

The first pulls went well. We had plenty of CC for the humaniods and the robots don't do anything crazy.

Then we come to the first Destoyer. He gains Charged Fist. I respond with a Hammer of Justice, knowing that I'm going to be taking a dirt nap soon. But it never happened. Celoria, that beautiful, wonderful tree kept my sorry Dwarf behind up and running. She healed right through the Charged Fist.

Next up was the 4 pack of bomb throwers. These guys and their little bombs hurt. Rob told me to put on my healing gear. Huh? We all stood back and Max enslaved one of the little guys. Cel and me started pouring on the heals while he used his little bomb to take out the other guys. Enslaved Demon Tank FTW!

We used a similar approach on the messy demon packs and the demon plus humaniod packs.

I got my positioning right on the first boss. I position myself on the stairs and the little bombs don't seem to come up the stairs unless the boss does.

We continued clearing, skipping the 2nd boss for now, and moved onto the guantlet. We feared one of the adds into the 2nd boss. Wipe.

No worries. We go at it again. We move through the guanlet but wipe on the last group before Pathelon.

Once again we regroup, and take that group out. We chain fear the adds and put Pathelon down. No Sun Eater, but that's okay. I don't want to use any of my loot karma with Kara coming again tonight.

We go back and put the 2nd boss down.

The run was very enjoyable. Celoria is an amazing healer. If she ever needs anything, I'll go out of my way to help her. Maybe I should farm her up some Primal Life. Grrrr. I wish my Hunter was level 70.

We also got into a discussion of damage meters. I told them how much I love Recount. The level of detail is just amazing. Get it, use it, love it.

It was really a nice clean run. We had a couple of wipes, but all in all it was a good run. No loot that anyone needed really bad, but 5 more badges in the bank.

That brings our total to 45. Just 5 away from being able to buy the Faceguard of Determination. However, I've got a shot at Tier 4 if we can drop Prince tonight and the new badge rewards should be coming out soon so I can see if I should spend my badges or wait for the next patch.


Lakini said...

Recount is awesome, why did I not hear of this earlier?

Brodir said...

Recount does indeed rock...

Although, my group uses loggerhead and WWS for the most accurate DMs.

Brodir from Blackhand