Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Too Good To Last

It's been hard to get groups for Heroics, so I spent much of the weekend doing dailies and farming a bit on the Demon Hunter Supplicants in Shadowmoon Valley. My epic mount money fund is up to 2300 gold. I'm almost halfway there.

Mal Katai did not run Gruul's last night. I've been really surprised by how little we actually raid. When I came to Mal Katai, it was with the understanding they were a Raid guild, but they only run 25 mans maybe once or twice a week. I can't image we are going to get very far at that pace. Maybe I misunderstood what kind of guild Mal Katai was when I left Bloodsky to join them. I figured if Sevenn and Faceeraser were happy with the progression then they must be moving pretty good. I'm not ready to go guild shopping again and to be honest there isn't much on this server, but I can tell I'm not thrilled with where things are right now.

The other issue I've been having the last couple of weeks is the Kara group I'm running with starts really late and goes even later. I was going to try to run with Group 1 this week, but they started before I could get on last night. I did get an invite to join them but they had already cleared through Maiden.

I went with Group 2 because I was concerned that if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to get a Kara group this week at all or the groups would already be past the early bosses that I need.

We finally got going about 11pm or so. One of the highlights of the evening for me was the 5 pull right before Midnight. I guess Cellesita (Holy Paladin) was getting a little bored, so he challenged me to tank the entire pull with no CC. I think Cellestia would really like to be a Tankadin one day if we ever get enough regular healers in Mal Katai, and wanted to see what I could do.

Sure, no problem. I open up with Avenging Wrath, Shield Toss and go to town. We killed the entire group. I never lost a single one of the mobs and the healers were able to keep me upright. Fresh off this success, I tried double tanking Midnight and Attumen. I missed the pickup when Attumen spawned and he managed to one shot somebody before I got him. Luckily we had Padamay (Balance Druid), so he was able to Battle Rez. Once I got Attumen under control, I was able to tank both Attumen and Midnight.

We gave Moroes a try with 3 hunters and no Priests but we wiped when MissDime (Arms Warrior with good Pre-Kara tank gear) was killed and Moroes got loose after the next gouge.

We had Lumi switch from his Hunter to his Priest and we killed Moroes.

We went onto Maiden. This was only my second time actually tanking her. We had two Paladins in the Raid (Cellestia and Brwndude), so I wasn't needed to cleanse or heal. Her silence was still annoying to deal with, however she went down in one shot. I wonder if she's any relation to Ironya from Uldaman.

At this point, it was really getting late. I was having trouble staying focused on tanking so we called it. I asked everyone in the Raid to please leave Curator for Thursday. Last week, they killed Curator on my off night, so I really hope they leave him standing until Thursday.

We are supposed to do High King and Gruul on Friday. I really hope we do.


Raydz said...

Ill remind everyone to wait till thursday for curator for ya. Even though no one listened to me last week ><

Farmer Rob said...

Kara isnt raiding IMO

Its farming..

Brodir said...

Just a thought, when I tank Moroes I put BoSanc on the offtank, then as soon as I'm gouged and he takes one swipe at OT I come out of gouge and he's right back on me. Not sure if you tried that but it works like a charm! if he'll just gimmie his pocketwatch!


Honors Code said...


I'll have to try the BoSac idea on Moroes. Maybe then he'll give me his Pocketwatch!