Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesdays and Shamans

I have, in my completely unbiased opinion, the greatest wife in the entire world. She puts up with my WoW, my Football, and all my little quirks, but the most awesome thing about my wife is she loves my geekiness. The one trait that I was always a bit embarrassed by, she loves. See, I know she can find someone cuter than me. I know she can find someone funnier. She can definitely find someone richer. But I can geek with the best of them.

After a little talk last night, my wife and I agreed that Wednesday night is HER night. No WoW. No Football. Nothing but pure quality time with HER, which last night consisted of watching a 2 hour Mythbusters special.

So to my WoW friends reading this, don't look for me on Wednesday nights, and expect all the tanky stuff to drop on Wednesdays as well, lol.

Now, I have something to ask of you, my readers. Since Thursdays I won't be writing about my adventures in WoW, I'd like some ideas for things you'd like to see posts about. Talents, gear, bosses, etc. You'll find an email address to your left, or feel free to use the comments.

Also, I'm looking for a good Shaman blog. With the changes to leveling coming in patch 2.3, I'm considering leveling up my Shaman. Wichita makes Elemental look wicked fun. We don't have a single active shaman in our raids right now, so I thought I'd give the class a try.


Delos said...

How appropriate! Today on WoW insider:

I'd love to find a good shaman blog as well, but I haven't yet. That forum post is a good start though. Good luck!

Oakensledge said...

Great post Honors :) As the old saying goes "if momma aint happy, then aint nobody happy".

Don't know if you have kids but I also once heard that the greatest thing a husband can do for his kids is to love and support his wife.

Catch you on Thursdays!