Thursday, November 8, 2007

And the Winner Is

And now we bring you the next episode in the continuing saga of the alt.

I've got it pretty much narrowed down to the Hunter or the Mage.

I really think I'd dig a Warlock, but I just can't get past the whole evil Demon guy thing. I like to play good guys, and we are supposed to be fighting against the Demons in the story, not making friends with them. Plus, I'm never sure who is controlling who with a Warlock and its pet.

I decided to knock out any class with a healing spell. I've fought that battle on Honors. If I roll a class with Healing spell, I'll roll it with the intention of being a Healer. Most likely choice for this would be a Druid.

That leaves Rogue, Warrior, Mage, and Hunter. Honors being a melee character, I'd prefer to go range on the alt.

I've played both a Mage and a Hunter to the 30s, and the bottom line is I like the Hunter. The biggest deterrent to leveling the Hunter is that it seems many many people dig Hunters. Hunters are the most played Class on AoS.

It would be easier to get groups as a Mage. Everybody knows Sheep is a better CC than Trap. But ultimately, this is a game, and I shouldn't let other people dictate my play. I've never let anyone dictate my play on Honors.

One of the things I really love about Honors is his uniqueness. I'm one of maybe a dozen Prot Paladins on the server. I'm unique. Very few other classes/specs have that to them. Maybe Shaman as they are the least played class in WoW according to the Armory Musings. If I rolled the Shaman, I'd have to do it with at least the idea that he'd be a healer.

So the decision ultimately came to the fact that I really enjoy playing the Hunter, and in the end, isn't that the only thing that matters. If this guy ever becomes a main, something has gone horribly wrong with Paladin Tanking.

Ultimately, I'd love to have (3) 70s. Honorshammer as my main and tank character. My Hunter as an alt DPSer, and a eventually a Healer, though I'm not sure which Healing class is the most "fun". It would likely be either Shaman or Druid.


Nibuca said...

I'm going to have to quibble with you here:

"Everybody knows Sheep is a better CC than Trap."

What everyone knows is that sheep is an easier CC to maintain than Trap.

A good hunter can keep a mob out of the main combat infinitely. To do this they -have- to know how to chain trap and they have to be good at it.

Given a choice between the two the average player will default to the Mage only because most hunters don't have the skills at chain trapping. Not because traps are inferior.. more because they're more complex.

Galoheart said...

Of all my Alts my highest alt is a 23 Hunter/Ravager duo. But the last time i played them long ago i cant remember.

I have a lvl 10 Warlock BE. A good Evil BE of course. The warlock would be fun to level to 70 before Wotlk been a high DPSer. But i also like my Hunter/Ravager duo and they just fun to relax and level. For me thats what its all about Relaxation & Fun while leveling and learning the class. The Hunter/Ravager is Fun and the Warlock is Evil Fun. But then again i'm a Blood

Corv said...

Hunter or mage ... I have both and can tell you that i love them both. I have given quite a few classes a fair chance and have leveled every class i tried to the low/mid 20s and some i never got attached to. The only classes i havent tried out are paladins, and shamans. (after trying 2 melee classes i just couldnt take standing in the mobs faces any longer... Melee = repair bills)

First comaprison of hunter and mage. Both can CC hunter is more complex and it takes longer to get good at. Mage cc requires a macro and you are set. They are both ranged so that means less gold spent repairing your stuff

Hunters are cool because of the pet and who doesn't love having a pet that tanks and does extra dps. It really is wow on easy mode for soloing. Grouping it gets alot more intense since you fill part of the cc role and alot of the dps role. Traps become your best friend.

The Mage was my first character and i love it. As frost you have a lot of survivability from kiting ability, Sheep, Blink, Ice barrier, and ice block. So i manage to live a long time and still put out some good damage.