Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He's baaaaaack!

Has it really been a whole week since I posted? Eh gads!!

Not much happened last night. Due to real life complications, I didn't log on until almost 8:30pm. The "alt" group was already chugging through Karazhan and Group 2 was waiting to get going. I tried getting a spot in Group 2, but they were full. That's probably for the best as they tend to run a bit later than I like.

There are still a couple of drops from Karazhan that interest me, but mainly I want Kara for Badges, Badges and more Badges.

So in my never ending quest for Badges, I started to put together a Heroic Slave Pens run last right. Slave Pens was the Heroic Daily quest which means you get an extra two Badges for completing it. Uber cool.

Putting a group together with one Kara going and another getting ready to go proved challenging.

I was able to get Lococrazy (Hunter), Aerlion (Mage), and Regolos (Warlock). I was really happy to have Regolos in my group. He was in Heroes Inc with me. I'm not sure what all the circumstances were surrounding his departure from Heroes but its cool to have him in Mal Katai. This game is WAAAAY more fun with people you know and like.

Our group lacked a Healer. All of the Mal Katai Healers were either in Kara or waiting for Kara. It took a while but eventually Rego was able to get his buddy Dlow, a Holy Paladin. A little more than a hour later, Quagmarrian is a steaming pile of plant parts and I'm five Badges richer. I wasn't sure, but Quagmarrian CAN be taunted while he does his acid spit ability. It's much better that he target the tank, who is already getting heals versus a party member. Holy Paladins are awesome healers, but they lack any group heal. So reducing the number of targets that needs healing helps the Paladin healer.

Despite spending 75 Badges on Patch Day, I'm already back up to 58. If I can manage to get to Kara this week, that will increase my Badge count even more.


Raydz said...

What piece do you plan to get next with your badges? Legs?

Galoheart said...

I was a bit worried something happened to you when i saw you hadn't posted in days. Glad to know your still here :)

Akivarr said...

Akivarr Wuvs u <3