Friday, November 16, 2007

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Last night was the culmination of much of my effort leading up to and immediately following the 2.3 patch.

First off, I got Engineering up to 350. This allowed me to build my new mount, The Gyrocopter.

Some people dismissed it as fluff and not much a buff for Engineering. I love the thing. It does make it very easy to know how many Engineers are around. Was this the sole reason I picked up Engineering? No. Was it a large consideration, yep. Is it "silly" to use a Profession slot on a mount. Probably. Are there other cool things I get with Engineering like Teleporters, Mote Extractors, Potion Injectors, Repair Bots, etc. Aye, Cap'n.

The next item on my agenda was my repspec. I started out at 12.6k unbuffed Health. So off to the trainer I got to unlearn all my talents. I went with the "cherry picking" strategy where I dump Reckoning and pickup Improved Crusader by giving up 1 point in Anticipation, 1 point in Spell Warding, and 1 point in Precision. I'm less than totally happy with the results, but I think I need more testing, but more on that in another post. After the respec, I was sitting pretty at 13.6k unbuffed Health. The Combat Expertise talent gave me about 1k health.

This had me feeling pretty good. The next order of business was spending almost all the badges I had saved up prior to the patch going live.

I had thought and thought about what piece I'd buy first. Ultimately, I decided on the Chest piece. Curator is an easier boss than Nightbane to kill, and even if I do get in a Nightbane kill, I can roll on the Shield and let the other tank in the group get the Chest. Everybody wins! The chest is a really nice piece and it replaces my "blue" chest, the Vindicator's Hauberk.

One of the other reasons to dig Engineering is the epic Helms. With my Engineering finally at 350, I was able to craft my Tankatronic goggles. Two new epics in one night. With my luck with drops, this is how I have to get upgrades these days.

So taking a look at ole Honorshammer now. I look something like this:

14,287 hitpoints

14,809 Armor

495 Defense

22.14% Dodge

16.01% Parry

19.55% Block

354 Spell Damage

You almost want to feel sorry for those bosses. Without a single buff on me, they have only a 48% chance of even being able to hit me. I only have two "blues" left in my main kit, my Timewarden's Leggings and my Dawnstone Crab.

I did some testing on the Ardent Defender talent last night in TK, I'll have a post on that soon as well as how the new spec is working out.

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Galoheart said...

Gratz on Engineering Mount. Like those 2 Epic pieces as well as the dodge on both the chest and helm piece. Got to love those Tankatronic googles. Would be real nice to get a helm piece like that but i'll stick it out with my Alchemy and stay the course.

I could never find ay of those +8 Dodge gems on my server AH. Its low population a bit also. I could use a few spare gems like those but can't find any JC that can cut them usually. I can use a bit of Dodge myself in my Blue gear. Nice stats you got after all the change though. I'll have to be the King of running Heroics to start getting Epic Gear like that. Yeah right after i get my Epic Mount first because thats the plan.