Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Think I'm In Love

Last night, we did a farming run in Karazhan. I'm still trying to get Curator's Legs and Moroes Trinket. I can't tell you how much I want that Trinket.

Most of our 'core' group has everything they want from Kara, so we took a bunch of alts. Dora (Our GM Priest) on her Hunter. Brindall (MT Warrior) on his Holy Paladin. Sevenn, who is just an incredible Holy Paladin decided he would spec Retribution for the run.

I thought that Arbethon who was the offtank was still Arms, but it turns out he was speced Prot. I taunted off him a couple times on the way to Attumen. After I realized my mistake, I apologized. He was totally cool.

It's so nice to have reached that place where if I mess up, I'm not worried Dora is going to port me to Ironforge with orders to spec Holy. When we killed Maiden, some Healing gear dropped. When I suggested rolling on it, Dora's response was "You're a tank, hon." Brindall's Holy Paladin got it. He really cleaned up. In one run he went from mostly Blues to mostly Epics. Apparently the same thing happened on his Warrior. Some guys just seem to have all the luck.

We cleared up to Curator without a problem. Moroes was a little messy, but we got him down no problem. Sevenn was doing solid DPS, right in line with our other DPS classes. He was keeping my Judgements refreshed, so we had both Crusader and Wisdom up most fights.

After Curator, we made some changes to the raid. Some people swapped out for others. The big gain from this was I was able to get Sevenn in my group.


My threat took off. I was doing 800+ TPS on Mechanicals with Judgement spikes over 1100TPS. Aerlion, a well geared Fire Mage, was doing about the same TPS as me on Omen.

Sevenn gave us a 3rd Blessing in a 10 man Raid. I had Kings, Wisdom and Light. He provided a damage buff to entire party and a major buff to my threat.

The only problem he had was his own aggro. A string of Crits and no aggro dump and you've yourself one dead Paladin.

I'm pushing for us to get some more healers so Sevenn can go Ret full time. Curator dropped the Paladin token and each of us already had our primary set, so Sevenn now has T4 Ret Gloves.

He's already got his Epic Flyer so money for respecs shouldn't be a large concern.

I absolutely LOVE having him as Ret. Moreover, it gives him that break from healing that you need from time to time. It was the same dynamic that led me to Tanking.

Curator and Moroes still hate me. Neither drop I needed was seen, but getting 11 badges in just over 3 hours kind of takes the sting out of it.

I'm already back up to 25 Badges without any serious farming. The next upgrades are a Cloak at 35 Badges or the Legs at 75.

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