Friday, November 2, 2007

Its Guaranteed

Thursday night, I ended up running Heroic Mech with what has become my "normal" group.

Me (Prot Paladin), Celoria (Resto Druid), Spinterrdc (Warlock), Maxpayne (Warlock), and Raistilian (Mage).

The lower part of the instance is getting pretty easy. We do the initial boss on the left hand side, scoot past the group at the top of those stairs and kill the two robots that come after.

Then, to borrow a line from Blackheart the Inciter, it's TIME FOR FUN. We enslave two of the grenade chucking demons and have them kill the other two grenade throwers. Then we have then run to the next group. We sheep any humanoids and banish the big demons, while our little bomb throwers go to town. Cel heals one enslaved demon and I heal the other in what I call my "offtank" gear (spell damage mostly).

We drag the first "real" boss to the stairs and shut him down.

Last night the Warlocks wanted to see if they could duo the 2nd key frag boss. I started running before the pulled. My intuition proved to be accurate as they were unable to kill him.

We go back in and kill him properly. We had two wipes upstairs. One to those stupid Robots, and the other on the final pull of the gauntlet before Pathelon. I was a microsecond late on the stun on the robot. If I had gotten that off, we wouldn't have wiped.

After Mech, I attempted to put together a Karazhan run. I had decided to do Mech first because Badges are guaranteed. I know if I kill 75 bosses I get a 75 Badge Reward. I could (and have) run a several complete Karas and not gotten any upgrades. It's just the luck of the dice.

The group consisted of 3 hunters, 3 druids, a mage, me (Prot Paladin), and 2 Shaman. We decided to try Moroes first since we were priestless.

The traps worked well. What I failed to take into consideration was that the 2nd dps target would need a tank of some sort. I think if we had tried him again we would have gotten him.

We decided to call it because it was getting late and that way no one would be saved to a Kara with just one boss down.

Lumi's group has gotten nearly a full clear. I may have to try to run with them next reset. However, they haven't had any tanky drops so I'm stil holding out hope to get an upgrade before the next reset.

In other news my background downloaded for 2.3 has started. That means I've really got to step up the Badge and Engineering grinding. Last night's run puts me at 72 Badges. That's just 3 shy of the Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian or the Unwavering Legguards.

On the Engineering front, I've got about 1/2 the Thorium I need, and then it's on to Fel Iron and Adamantite. Those are going to go a bit slower. With all the early mats, I could just ride around the zone and not have to worry about anything posing much a threat to me. Now I have to decide if it's better to fly on my 60% or ride on my 130% land mount.

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Lance said...

Fly then you can see the Ore from the sky and drop and get it. No hassle.