Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Next Steps

My next Badge purchase is going to be the Legs, followed by the Cloak. The Legs cost 75 Badges, and I am currently sitting on 58. So I need 17 more.

Once I get those the only "blue" left in my kit will be my Trinket. For that I need Moroes or the new mini Last Stand PVP trinkets. 30000 Honor and 40 AV marks. I'm currently sitting on 10k Honor. PuGing 20k Honor, that's going to be rough. I guess I could do it all in AV.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with my Honor points. Gruul and Nightbane continue to mock me by holding onto the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness and the Aldori Legacy Defender. I have enough points for the Season 2 Shield. I'm tempted to get the Spell Damage Shield. More threat is always good. Of course, I could go also go with the Shield Wall which would boost my stamina even more.

30000 Honor & 40 AV tokens (10k Honor / 41 tokens)
Pick an Arena Shield
Get Exalted with Aldor (9k/21k)
Get Exalted with Consortium (2k/21k)
5000 gold for Epic Flyer (2.6k/5k)
Moroes Trinket (Karazhan)

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