Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Soup For You

I logged on very briefly last night in order to attempt Curator. We had a really good group. Most of them were already Kara geared.

He dropped on the first try. It was almost, dare I say, easy?

He didn't drop the Wrynn Dynasty Greaves. I never even seen them, or Vambracers of Courage in all my Kara runs. I've seen Moroes Pocketwatch once, and I passed it to a Warrior. It was my first week with the new guild and at the time I didn't' think it was that great for a Paladin. Boy was I wrong. That trinket is amazing and there is nothing else like it in game.

It's really strange to be getting to the point where I don't need much from Kara anymore. Of course, I still want to run it after 2.3 goes live for those beautiful Badges of Justice. I need over 200 to get all the gear I want. I currently have 72. Fortunately, Badges will come easier in the next patch, dropping from Zul'Aman, and Kara as well as a daily Heroic Quest.

Speaking of Zul'Aman and it's anticipated release on Tuesday, people started talking about who they wanted in their Zul'Aman groups. I'm not sure if we will continue the throw together groups we've been using for Kara or if we will have more set groups for Zul'Aman.

I was a little disappointed that no one was jumping at claiming ole Honorshammer for their group. We'll see what happens on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get into a good group, because I'm really concerned about falling further behind the other guild tanks in gear. I guess at some point, I'm going to have to relax and accept that I've proved myself to the guild.

It's tough as a Tankadin sometimes. You've been doubted for so long because of your Class, that it's tough to let go of that need to prove and justify yourself at every turn.

The reset timer on Zul'Aman is shorter than Kara so even if I don't go the first night with them, I can try to go after the reset. Mal Katai is a fairly large guild and I'm sure everyone wants to group with the officers (Lisa, Drew, Trey, Rob, etc.) These guys have been running together for a while, and I'm sure they are looking forward to doing the new content together. We have lots of really good players in Mal Katai, so it's my hope we get a couple of solid groups together even if I don't get to go with them the first reset.

Tonight, we are expecting to tackle Tempest Keep: The Eye tonight. We're going to, as Rob put it, "play in the trash", and if all goes well, put a couple of attempts in on Void Reaver. I've been able to think about little else all day. A zone I've never been in, Mobs I've never fought, Bosses I've never challenged.

I don't know how far Mal Katai will get into Tempest Keep and SerpentShrine, but I can't wait for the ride.


Farmer Rob said...

I claimed you last night in vent!!!

I would like to go with the old Kara grp 1..but everyone has diffrent scheds lately..I will go with long as I trust the tank..and you arb and tom are my tanks of choice when drew isnt on brindall(he can out dps me in kara /cry)

Lets go play in da trash man!!!

Honors Code said...

I must have missed it when you said that over vent. Sorry about that.

Florismart said...

Void Reaver is one of most fun fights as a Paladin tank. He hits weaker than Gruul and there is no abilities he does that disadvantage you in any way. Just generate the aggro and let em rip. Our guild just downed him for the first time today, with me and two warrior tanks taking the lead. We had our best geared tank take aggro first and start my spell rotation after him. This usually works because it allows him to have more rage while I gain a good secondary aggro on the threat meter. It was a fun attempt because we downed him 18 seconds into the enrage. When he did enraged, he hovered around 2-3% health and everybody was in a frantic pace to get him down. Fortunately we got him down and two of our members are proud owners of t5 shoulders. =D