Thursday, November 1, 2007

Population Demographics

Okoloth over at Armory Musings has refreshed all his data since 2.2 went live.

He analyzed 4.5 million characters (roughly half the players base), of which 1.8 million are level 70s.

Level 70Total
Druid173,480 (9.65%)409,369 (8.97%)
Hunter214,648 (11.94%)599,507 (13.14%)
Mage244,271 (13.59%)576,165 (12.63%)
Paladin164,780 (9.16%)455,118 (9.97%)
Priest211,001 (11.74%)493,627 (10.82%)
Rogue206,794 (11.5%)553,357 (12.13%)
Shaman126,444 (7.03%)359,585 (7.88%)
Warlock197,785 (11%)500,308 (10.96%)
Warrior258,757 (14.39%)616,166 (13.5%)

Most Popular class: Warrior, followed by Mage. These two classes are considered the "optimum" for their particular roles in PVE, and they make visible and important contributions to PVP.

Hunters have fallen into the area with the rest of the DPS classes: Rogues, Warlocks, and Priests. All 4 around the same percentage. My conjecture is that Priests are in that area because of the viability and desire for Shadow Priests.

Then you have the hybrids, or more accurately, the healers. Druids are the most popular hybrid, and also the most accepted in all their roles in the end game. Paladin's are the most popular hybrid leveling up. This may demonstrate that people looking to roll a healer are selecting Paladins, with the idea they are the best end game healers for both PVP or PVE.

Shamans come in last place.

One conclusion could be that Shaman and Paladins were least populace because pre-BC they were only available to one side. We are now over 9 months past the BC release. That is ample time for the Paladin and Shaman rerolls to have made it to the level cap.

Warriors are the most popular class at level 70 AND the most popular class leveling up.

Shamans are the least popular at the level cap and the least popular leveling up.

The largest percentage of players pre 70 is level 60. These are characters who have been abandoned or retired from the old level cap.

There is a bump at level 19, and 29. Go go Twinks. But you don't see a bump at any twink level after that. Are the other brackets not as popular to "twink" at?

Most of what is presented here is only objective evidence of what we already know. DPS is most popular and populace, healers are the least.

Looking at my own realm, Altar of Storms,


My realm is almost exactly 50/50 Horde / Alliance.

Hunters are the most populace class on my particular realm. I knew it seemed like there were alot. Warriors are #2. The least played "pure" DPS class is Warlock. Paladins are more popular on Altar of Storms than they are over all realms. Shamans are not very popular.

There are almost as many Paladins as there are Shaman Hordeside, but many more Paladins than Shamans Alliance side.

Horder prefers Locks, while Alliance prefers Hunters. Most other classes are pretty close across the battle lines.


Nilum said...

Just a theory on why Alliance seems to shy away from warlock more than Horde. I know a lot of Alliance who shy away from the Horde as, "the ugly side," or, "not the good guys," as well as from Warlocks as, "the evil class." I have a feeling that players who don't mind playing the less traditional fantasy roles or ugly races wouldn't mind playing an, "evil," class. When Lich King comes out, I'm guessing that some Alliance players will have a problem playing the Death Knight, while most Horde wont.

Glenn said...

"populace" is a noun.
"populous" is an adjective.