Thursday, November 29, 2007

Slight Malfunction

Engineering is very fun to have as a Profession on your toon. I love the Goggles. the Mote Extractor (see rant below) and the Flying Mount. One of the nice perks is the Teleporters. Since I chose Gnomish Engineering, I can teleport to Gadgetzgan and Toshley's Station. Gadgetzgan is great for Caverns of Time. That is also where I can buy my Head Enchant so it's rather handy to be able to just port over there when I need it.

The Toshley transport puts me close to my Daily quests, Gruul's and Netherstorm.

Of course as with all things Engineering, sometimes they don't work *exactly* as planned. Sometimes when I use the Gadget Transport, instead of materializing on the platform, I materialize an unsafe distance in the air near Gadget. This meant I learned that Bubble makes a great Parachute long before anyone started doing Daily Quests and getting dismounted by Flak Cannons or Monstrous Kalari.

The Toshley Transporter seems to have a different malfunction. Instead of a slight miscalculation in the coordinates to rematerialized at, this one seems to sometimes get your pattern matrix mixed up with the previous user.
It could have turned me into something stylish like a Gnome, but no, it turned me into a NIGHT ELF!

For an hour I was stuck with those ears and that hair. I felt the sudden compunction to jump every few steps.

A Night Elf on my beautiful Charger. There should be a law against this or something. Really.

**Warning: Incoming Mote Extractor Rant**

The Mote Extractor meant I didn't miss mining at all. That is until Blizzard bugged the spawns when Season 3 went in. The clouds either don't spawn or don't respawn, but the bottom line is that you can't really farm clouds anymore. The worst part is the lack of communication from Blizzard about this change. Is it intended or unintended? They have not said one word about it.

**End Rant**

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Raydz said...

lol thats hilarious man,
at least you werent turned into a gnome!