Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Lurks Below

Mal Katai tried our hand at SSC and the Lurker Below. I was given the privilege of doing some main tanking for trash.

The pull consisted of a Tamer with two pets and two Screamers. I was supposed to pull the Tamer and tank the two pets. I don't think my shield his both pets on any of the packs. This was the first instance I'd done since the patch and it's where I started to notice some odd behavior in my threat.
I also got to tank the Bog Lords who break into little Bog Lords. This was really simple as the Consecrate that I was already using was gathering up the little guys.
You have to clear Hydross' trash to get to Lurker. We cleared Lurker's trash which caused the fish to despawn but made the water boiling hot (hit for about 500 a tick). Not near as bad as the lava in BRD that you would swim through doing MC attunement runs.

Lurker has to be fished out of his little watering hole. This adds a bit of tension as you never know which cast is going to bring him up. It could be the 1st, the 5th or the 20th. But then he leaps out of his hole and the fight is engaged.

We seemed to do pretty well on avoiding his spout ability. Our problems seemed to start during his submerge stage. We were not getting all the adds down and under control in time. We started by trying to CC the inner ring, but the mobs on the inner ring ran for healers before we could get them CC'ed. Then we tried CC'ing the outer ring and killing the inner ring. This was better but we still had adds up when Lurker came back up.
I think really our biggest problem was that we were a bit undermanned for healing. We only had 5 healers in the Raid.
Our best attempt was around 70%. I think now that we've sampled SSC and TK, we need to focus on one boss and wipe on him until we kill him.
During SSC I was able to get my Hit Points up to 19.1k but I forgot to screenshot it.

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