Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Bear, An Eagle and a Stalker

Last night I logged on to hear we would be doing Magtheridon. I was pretty excited because I've never done the fight before, despite my concern over our Tanks.

However, Rob and Trey determined that we didn't have the class mix we needed online to do Mag. I think we needed Healers, but I'm not entirely sure.

So instead Group 1 headed into Zul'Aman. We set a goal of getting the Bear boss down in the allotted 20 minutes.

The trash pulls went really well. We tanked both of the Bear Riders and were ready to pull the boss with about 7 minutes left on the timer.

We start the boss encounter. Everything is doing fine until the first switch. I get a taunt resist. Drew goes down, then I go down when I get Brutal Swiped for 11k (Ouch!).

We hurry and get rebuffed and try again, but the timer finishes while we are fighting him. I thought as long as you pulled before the timer you would get the extra loot, but it seems that you have to kill him before the timer.

After that, we moved onto the Eagle boss. We had gotten Eagle down once previously, but we still had major issues. People were slow to move under the storm and we would lose either healers or DPS. We used 3-1/2 healers, with me being the half. Actually with some consumables (Healing Power, Draenic Wisdom, Golden Fishsticks), I was able to get over 1200 +healing and 10k mana.

Healing in a 10 is not quite as bad as I remember healing being in a 40 man. I still much much prefer tanking, but Eagle only needs one tank, and that was Brindall last night, so I strapped on the healing gear and went to town.

Eventually we traded out a Rogue for a Warlock to help thin the flock of birds that Eagle boss calls. It took several attempts, but in the end we got him down.

Neither boss dropped anything remotely useful for ole Hammer except for those beautiful Badges of Justice.

We decided to call it a night at that point.

I went and checked the Heroic Daily and it was Underbog. A group was already forming so I humbly offered my tanking services. In Guild Chat I see Bandarno pipe up "I'll go if Honors is tanking". It really feels good to have people say that about you.

It was me (Prot Paladin), Pylar (Holy Paladin), Bandarno (Feral Druid), Lumiandpet (Hunter), and Padamay (Balance Druid).

It's been a while since I've been able to run anything with Scott (Lumiandpet). His Kara group usually takes the same people and they run a bit late for my schedule. It was really nice to run with him again.

Major props go out to Pylar, the Holy Paladin who healed on this run. We had a couple of "Oops!" pulls, and very little CC. He healed the whole thing like a champ. Healing is a rough gig, and often a thankless job. When you find a good one, you better do what it takes to keep him.

We only had a couple of wipes. Black Stalker, who had given me so much trouble the day before was down in 3 attempts. It was a bit lucky because he never levitated me or Pylar, always going for either our Boomkin or a our Feral. I turned in the Daily quest and got my Badge count back up to 12.

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