Friday, December 21, 2007

Doing My Dailies

One of the major goals I'm working on for Honorshammer is to get him up to Epic Flying Skill. I want to go zoom zoom zoom around Outland in my Epic Helicopter, and I really want to try the Netherwing quests. I'm not so much worried about the Dragon (Helicopter >> Dragon), but the quests sound like they are really fun to do.

So I'm a Jewelcrafter and Engineer. I make a little money from Jewelcrafting. Prospecting is a real crap shoot (Yeah! Living Ruby!! Cha-ching baby! or Oh joy, Talasite. Next!) and since I don't have mining, I'm buying the ore to prospect.

Most people are only willing to pay 5g for a cut despite the recipes going on the AH for 300g to 700g. I've actually stopped buying recipes off the AH because the return is so bad. The only one I bought was the Solid Star of Elune, and it happens to be the one I get asked to cut the most.

So I turn to Daily Quests as a source of constant income.

There are two Daily Quests in Skettis and 4 in Ogril'la.

Most of the quests are pretty easy for me, even as Prot. I still find the bombing quests to be fun (Ogril'la much more so than Skettis). The Simon game is pretty straight forward.

The one Daily Quest I find to be the most troublesome is Banish More Demons.

I always try to find a group for this quest, even if it's a PuG up on Ogril'la. But sometimes you aren't going to find a group.

So let me share with you a couple of tips on how I do these quests. I start Banish before Bombing. What I usually do is find the Simon game closest to the Northern Forge Camp. The mobs in the North camp are an order of magnitude easier than the mobs in the south Camp.

I was particularly lucky this day and all 6 Analyzers were manning their posts. Most of the time I'm doing well to find 5.

What I do is aggro all 5 or 6 at the platforms, and drop a Consecrate. Then I start hauling freight north towards the camp. Every time Consecrate's cooldown is up, I stop, make sure the little guys are still following me and drop another Consecrate. This is what I refer to as Consecrate Kiting.

I do my best not to aggro any other mobs (like those stupid spell reflecting Boars, ever Exorcism yourself?). As you get close to the Forge Camp, keep an eye out for the patting green double headed dogs, because you want to avoid aggroing them.

Once you reach the Forge Camp, drop your portal and start to AoE the little guys down. If you got low from the kiting, drop one more Consecrate, bubble and heal, or use the Figurine of the Colossus.

In a very short amount of time, you've gotten 5 or 6 Demons Banished.

Now I start Bombing. I don't know if I've gotten worse, or the cannon's aim is better but I rarely get through an entire bombing run without getting shot down anymore, and dropped right on top of a demon or two.

First off, remember, Bubble makes a great Parachute! Once I'm down, I'll drop the portal and start killing whatever demon aggroed to me. If there is a Wrath Speaker (see below), or Furnace Guard (see below) in Exorcism range, I'll go ahead and pull them, too.
What you've got to watch out for is the 2 Wrath Corrupter, they can put a hurting on you in a real hurry. Usually by the time I'm done bombing, I'm up to 8 or 9 Demons Banished. By doing my Bombing run, I've given time for the Analyzers back at the Simon game to respawn. I repeat the process of Consecrate kiting them up to the Forge Camp. That usually puts me up to 13 or 14.
Now I look for the Wrath Speaker.I can usually pull her, and the 2 Furnace Guards and AoE them down, Tankadin style.
That puts me up to 15 Demons, quest complete!


Galoheart said...

Dailies do add up. Since i'm Netherwing Exalted now i have a chhoice as to which 10 quests i do for dailies as i have a choice of much greater than 10. I hear in patch 2.4 its been raised to a limit of 25 thats unbelivable.

Anyway. Having a Epic Mount makes the bombing run real easy. Its hard to get shot down when on a Epic Flyer and thats not even having Crusader Aura up. Actually i find its even better not having it up as you can sometime fly by so fast you miss the target shot. Much better than on regular mount and in far less the time.

For banishing demons well i actully go there and kill the demons one by one. Sometimes green drops and thats nice for the loot. In between killing the demons i kill the fire elements for motes of fire which for me drops about 40+ percent the time. So i'm farming while doing dailies. Thats just me. Having primals is fun.

Rest quest in BE is easy the simon says and the other skyguard quest. I should do a write up how i do mine as it will relate to the Netherwing ones. The thing about the Netherwing Quests is its all cater to a Tankadin in every way. The reputation grind to exalted is just about TIME. After that you pick of quests to do. On average its about 130-150g a day. More if you grind up all the flayer mobs in the mine from trash gray loot. If you choose to do the most profitable ones you can net more money with the Heroic/Dungeon ones but it cost you more time. In the time you can do one Dungeon for dailies i've completed all 10 of my Dailies and have time left over.

For you i probably say just getting the Epic Mount is ideal. The Drake for me was more about the accomplishment and well i wanted one a long time lol.

Honors Code said...

Do you take Fire Resistance Pots with you? Those Fire demons / elementals are in the Southern camp and I find them much more diffcult than the melee mobs in the northern camp.

Galoheart said...

No i just use fire Aura. Its probably the one daily that takes the longest. Then again i've only done ones in the nothern camp once. When i finish and leave its usually with 5-10 motes of fire also.

Honors Code said...

Aye. The Northern Camp mobs are significantly easier. As an alchemist, you could make some Fire Protection Potions and got to town in that Southern Camp.

Galoheart said...

I can but mostly I use Magic Resistance (+50 all schools for 3 mins) potion mostly since I always carry the time for added magic resistance so usefull in that area while doing the daily to banish the demons and farm up a few motes from the fire spirits at same time.

Galoheart said...

Just realize tonight doing dailies that Magic Resistance potion dosen't stack with Paladin Aura of same school. Just add to the others. Not much for added fire protection. Oh well at least i know.

Manilin said...

I'm now very close to getting my epic flyer ( YEA ) but I was told of a way to do the bombing run that will assure you that you will NEVER get dropped from the sky.. Simply put... you just never fly.. Run up to the targets ( and this will also work for the banishing quest ) .. mount just long enough to target the ammo pile and throw your bomb then dismount and run.. most times, you will do it fast enough to where the cannons will not even fire a salvo.. They still have this inane ability to anticipate where you will be running to but weathering a little flack is nothing compared to getting shot out of the sky and landing amoungst a pack of fire mobs and demons... And since I'm doing the southern camp.. I'll pull the grouped demons to the port "before" I do the ammo piles.. Some folks consider this a "weanie" way of doing the bombing run but then most of the ones I see are flying around at mach II already... Once I'm on my epic, I'll actually do it in the air...=)