Thursday, December 20, 2007

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"I've been reading your blog for a few months. Actually since I seriously decided to reroll a blood elf pally earlier this fall with the idea of being a tankadin. I've really liked the idea of pally tanking since TBC came out. I'm up to level 30, and just respecced from Ret to Protection.

So last night I tried my first real instance tanking with a Pug. We rolled through Gnomeragan pretty easily with our group (avg level 29). I held aggro pretty well the whole time just through Consecration, and sealing and judging away like crazy. A few well placed engineering bombs really do the trick too! One problem was I think I was over geared for the place. We killed stuff before it could really hurt me, and therefore I had problems with mana. Since my health wasn't dropping, I wasn't getting many heals, and went oom pretty quick. I joked to my group that I should take my pants off for the next run, but I think they thought I was crazy! :-)

I need to work on my taunting, but for my first trip, I think I held aggro well and things worked out great. I even got a great pair of tanking pants out of the quest reward for Rig Wars quest.

One thing that keeps coming up to me is what pieces of gear should I be keeping my eyes out for. I check the AH everyday looking for BoE blues for the next 10 levels ahead etc. But I think a great resource for up and coming tankadins for what BoP gear I should be looking for or what instances I should make sure not to miss on my way up would be great.
Keep up the great blog!"

Thanks,Gamblorr from Kul Tiras

As a Tankadin, I generally always have a stack or more of Mana pots with me when I tank an instance. These can really help when you get low on mana from a lucky string of dodges and parries, or when the mobs simply aren't hitting you hard enough.

You also mentioned working on your taunting. Our taunt can be pretty clunky. Most Tankadins use a Macro to make the taunt easier to use.

/cast [target=target,help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense

As far as BoP gear, your next target should be Scarlet Monastery. You can handle Graveyard and Library right now, but you'll want to be a bit closer to 40 before you try Armory and Cathedral.

3 pieces of the Scarlet set are Bind on Equip: The Belt, the Boots and the Gauntlets. All 3 are solid pieces. The other two pieces come from the Armory and Cathedral and you will want to be closer around 40 before you go there.

There are two rare elites that spawn in Graveyard. You can zone in, do a couple of pulls and check for the Rare spawn or have a Rogue, Druid or Warlock check, and reset if he didn't spawn. They spawn in the house north of Statue.

Ironspine has 3 really nice drops: Ironspine's Eye, Ironspine's Fist, and Ironspine's Ribcage.

The other Rare to look for is Azshir the Sleepless, who drops the Ghostshard Tailsman.

The other dungeon in your range is Razorfen Kraul.

While the Pronged Reaver and the Stygian Bone Amulet are nice, the real treasures in RFK are the Heart of Agamaggan and the Tusken Helm.

You will probably find you are leveling very quickly, so you shouldn't concern yourself too much with drops at this point. Run dungeons to get practice tanking and view anything that drops as a bonus. They'll be time enough at the level cap to pray for a particular drop off a particular boss.

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Rob said...

As an ex-raid healer on my priest, I am in the habit of having Grid up at all times just to the left of center. Any friendly that has aggro 'usually' gets a red dot on them (not 100% - health dropping is the best indicator). By adding the following qualifier to the start of the macro, I am able to taunt off anyone regardless of them being the target of the mob I have targeted: