Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Love Me Some Me

There are times and moments in the game where you do something and it really strikes you just how much your enjoy your character.

This was towards the end of an awful Heroic Auchidoun Crypts run. I was invited to the group by a friend because they were having tank issues. The group was a PuG.

Now I haven't PuGed in a long long time.

I immediately went and inspected the Priest. He's wearing mostly Epics with a few blues. I knew the Hunter and Mage because they were both Mal Katai. The Feral had decent gear (mostly Blues with a couple of Epics).

The problem we were having was the first boss, Shirrakk the Deadwatcher. He does an targeted AoE firebomb thing that hurts. What we figured out was its a dynamic similar to dodging Arcane Orbs on the Void Reaver fight. You've got to run away from the spot where the person targeted was standing. What would happen is our Priest would try to finish a heal and get splatted by the fireball.

We finally got him down after 4 or 5 tries.

The rest of the instance was pretty painless. The last boss Exarch Maladar took a couple of attempts because DPS wasn't switching to the copies he creates.

Really bad news for the Tank: If he makes a copy of you, you get a debuff that reduces all damage by 50%, effectively reducing your TPS by the same amount.

The run was for the Heroic Daily quest which netted me enough badges to purchase Slikk's Cloak of Placation.
(Mods are Ratings Buster and EQCompare, Comparison done to the Devilshark Cape.)
I lose some Block Value and gain some Avoidance, a good amount of health and Armor, plus I replace a blue with a purple.
I have only blue left in my tanking set, my trinket. I really need Moroes to drop the Pocketwatch. I haven't been as diligent as I should be in grinding the Honor for the PVP Last Stand trinket.
I also think it will be a while before I PuG again, lol.


Raydz said...

Grats on your new loot!

Galoheart said...

PuGs are a constant source of fun.

Of course I would know that of course lol.