Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Limbo

Tuesday night, Group 1 went back to Karazhan for our Badge farming run. This time Trelic, our imba Feral Druid, took his new Warrior.

He didn't grab Attumen before my Consecrate did, so I was double tanking them for a while. I stopped Consecrating so he could pick him up. Warriors start out with 0 Rage, so it can be tough for them to gain the Rage to build threat if they aren't being beat on.

We went and killed Moroes. That Pocketwatch of his must be made of solid Eternium or something because he refuses to give it up. I guess I'm really going to have to start grinding the Honor for Battlemaster's Audacity.

Even though I'm not supposed to tell anyone, we did have a little trouble with Maiden. Our raid was "bit" melee heavy (2 Rogues, 2 Ferals). To lessen the melee crowd, I donned my healing gear, and Trey's Warrior tanked her. With all that melee, her Chain Lightning type spelled chained and chained and chained and was oneshoting Trey's tank.

We had a one of the Ferals throw Wrath and Moonfire, while one of the Rogues spammed Deadly Throw.

For Opera, we got Wizard of Oz. I tanked Roar. He didn't hit very hard so I'm thinking next time I'll tank him plus something else.

After Opera we engaged Nightbane. The fight went really well. He dropped the Shield of Impeneetrable Darkness. It's one of the two drops I still need out of Karazhan. Trey passed on his Warrior (thanks, buddy!).

The reason you don't see a screenshot of it on Honors back was there was an glitch in the Master Loot. Our master looter accidentally Master Looted it to herself. She had been disenchanting nearly every drop during the entire run, and made a mistake.

She apologized profusely, and even though I was extremely disappointed, I did what I could not to show it and try to show her the grace I'd want shown to me if our roles were reversed.

We put in a GM ticket, and waited.....and waited.

While we waited we kept clearing.

We made some changes to the roster as some people needed to go. We were able to get David (Regolos) in the run. It was really cool to be running with him again. He is well geared and well skilled and just a generally nice guy.

Regolos has over 200 Arcane resist in his gear, but man does that gear look funky. (Note to self, must remember to screenshot it next time). We knocked over Curator. Despite me spending 75 Badges on Unwavering Leggards, he didn't drop Wyrnn's for Trey.

We had 4 druids in the raid, plus a Warlock and a Mage. Illhoof time! This time we let Kil'rek die to AoE and Seed of Corruption and kept DPS mostly on Illhoof.

After Illhoof we tried Aran. It took a couple of attempts to get him. There is so much going on in that fight.

To finish up the night, we did Chess. The Triptych Shield of the Ancients dropped. Since I was the only shield bearing healing capable toon in the raid, I grabbed it for my healing set. Ironically not the shield I wanted to leave Karazhan with, but an upgrade to my hybrid set nonetheless.

What's almost funny is that I've been able to build a fairly decent healing set without really even trying. I pass on any healing item that drops, but sometimes the healers already have the item or have better so I end up taking it.

As of Thursday Morning, we still have not heard from a GM on the Shield. The only thing we know at this point is that the ticket has been escalated to a Character Specialist.

Trey told us that he had a similar issue in his pre-BC guild and the GMs were able to fix it. I really hope the GMs can do their magic and have the Shield magically appear in my inventory.

If they can't, I'll have to get the Shield to drop again, or have Gruul's Shield drop (and win the roll). Also, Jan'alai (Dragonhawk Avatar) in ZA drops a very nice shield, but we haven't been able to kill him yet. Again, I'd have to win the roll as I'm sure his shield would appeal to the other tanks in the run.

The other option I have open to me is using my Arena points and buying the Season 2 Arena Shield. It's got massive amounts of Armor and Stamina but lacks any other defensive stats (like Defense, or To Hit). I really need to find a good 3v3 team and start getting points again.


Raydz said...

Ugh man sorry they still havent fixed the shield problem!
I seriously hope you get it!

Galoheart said...

We did illhoof and Aran both Wednesday night for this week, we getting better at doing both bosses. Both took 2 tries before we got them both.

Illhoof can seem a problem sometimes but more so really with the Imps that portal spawn and can end up having too much adds. We have a fire spec Mage that AoE the imps for the most part. Other time ive picked up the imps consecrsting. However just wondering what easier way you know of keeping all the spawn imps under controol so they not a problem.

Honors Code said...

The crux of the Illhoof fight is not losing people to the Demon Chains. DPS needs to switch quick and get them down.

Some imps get caught in the consecrate, other imps go for the AoEers. If you are not tanking Illhoof, Holy Wrath whenever its up can help keep the Imps on you.

Just let the AoEers do their job and thin the crowd a bit from time to time so you don't get overrun with Imps. Illhoof is challenging but certainly doable.