Friday, December 14, 2007

My New Shield

I finally remembered to take a screenshot with my Shield of Impenetrable Darkness, comparing it my old Crest of the Sha'tar.

I gain pure avoidance, armor, uncrushable avoidance, and block value for a bit of health. The increase in the armor and block value should more than make up for the health lost.

Not to be overlooked, the shield looks beautiful. I've seen some around Shat, but I don't recall seeing one on a Paladin yet.

Raid buffed, I have 20,377 hit points, 5508 mana, and 17687 Armor, along with 388 Spell Damage, 511 Defense, 22% Dodge, 16% Parry, and 22% Block.


Galoheart said...

Very nice shield indeed.

On my server its mostly warriors you see with that shield. Most guild paladins in endgame I see are holy though these days I tend to see a lot of converted new tankadins. Back early summer when I was new to it serverci could count many 4 that I saw most the time myself included with one geared tankadin that was raiding SSC. These days you see a lot more especially since patch 2.3

20k HP fully buffed is just awesome. I like that dodge rating you have, thats some healthy amount of dodge.

Was wondering which shield you use for Heroics? I have a Aegis of Sunbird in the bank. Picked it up about same time I got Shat'ar Exalted in Botanica. Have block rating on my Crest since I needed it to get to uncrushable as I got it before my Libram. Was wondering if it better to put blockrating enchant on the Aegis and use that for Heroics and change the crest enchant to plus 18 stamina and just swap shields?

Anonymous said...

YO - WTB screenshot of you with the actual shield! Come on! ;)