Friday, December 28, 2007

Personal Goals

Over the Holidays, Mal Katai isn't doing much raiding. While this is a little disappointing, it would be hard to field a proper raid roster with so many people out/traveling, etc. My own availability has been a bit spotty this week as well.

Honestly, I think some of our officers just need a little break. It would be better for them to take a week or two and not raid, rather than them getting completely burned out and quit Raiding or even WoW altogether.

But I really hope once this break is over, we really get going again. We've already lost a couple of people because of "not raiding enough". I haven't been immune to this either.

I am a bit concerned that the first raid scheduled is for a start time of 7:30pm. That is the same start time that Bloodsky used and I had to leave that guild because that's just too early for me. I know other people in the guild have issues with how late they can go and it's not right for me to expect the guild to work everything around my schedule, but I would be very disappointed if it turns out Mal Katai's Raid schedule doesn't fit my own. It pretty much spells a transfer in my future.

So while I wait for another chance to spend my MKP, or club Mag a couple of times with my Merciless Gladiator's Gavel, I've been working on my personal goals.

The two goals I'm working on are getting Exalted with the Aldor and getting my epic Flyer.

So I've been doing Daily Quests and farming up motes with my handy dandy Mote Extractor. (Just realized I've been watching too many Blue's Clues episodes with my daughter).

I worked on my rep with Sporegar and purchased a Petrified Lichen Guard, and I've been visiting my friendly neighborhood Demon Hunter Supplicants in Shadowmoon Valley.

(Totally off the subject, but on my last trip there I saw a Prot Warrior trying to pull off the same AoE stuff we do with Thunderclap, Whirlwind, Cleave and whatnot. It actually worked okay, but I was able to take larger packs and kill them much quicker. However, he was Alliance and Prot, so I let him have the area for a bit).

Through all these steps, I've managed to break 4000 gold. Now it's just a matter of time and discipline before I will be zooming through Outland at Mach 2.

Of course there is one more step I have to complete before I can fly through the air with the greatest of ease. I have to be a 375 Engineer. I currently sit at 364. I need 8 Khorium Power Cores and 8 Felsteel Stabalizers to make the epic Flying Machine. They are both "green" recipes right now (unlikely to get a skillup).

I need two more Primal Fires to finish off the 8 Khorium Power Cores for the Epic Flyer. Then I'll need 16 Felsteel Bars to make into Felsteel Stabalizers. Once I have those, I'll see how many Repair Bots I need to make to get to 375 and get going on the Primal Fire for those.

So this last 1000g might be a bit slower as I will have to either farm up or buy more materials.

My other alternative is to get my Hunter up to level 58 (he's 56 at the moment) and spend the time to up his mining skill. Then he can mine the Fel Iron and Motes of Fire I need. Of course, it might be better to get him to 60, so he can use an epic land mount to do his mining.

I'm not sure which would be faster. Skilling up the Hunter to mine or farming up the gold to buy the mats on Honorshammer.


Shalkis said...

I don't know whether it still works, but you could try making a lot of refills for the Goblin Mortar. Even if it's gray, The Mortar Reloaded should give skillups. And according to a GM, it's working as intended.

Honors Code said...

The goblin mortar reload no longer gives you skill ups when grey! This was a bug which, sadly, has been fixed.

Plus I'm Gnomish.

Galoheart said...

Can farm Motes of Fire for Primal Fire either at Elemental Platue in Nagrand which is usually heavily farmed. You can either farm them at the fire spirits in SMV or from the Vile Fire Spirits at the southern demon camp in BEM where you do the Bombing runs. Personally the demon camp is where I get all motes of fire since I do it same time doing dailies.