Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Questable Tankadin Weapons

Drops. We love them, we hate them. The Random Number Generator can be a cruel mistress sometimes.

So in response to a thread over on Maintankadin, I've compiled a list of Quests you can do for your aspiring Tankadin.

Quest Progression:

In Hellfire Peninsula pickup Makuru's Vengence or it's Horde counterpart, Source of the Corruption These quests should be done not too long after you cross through the Portal.

They award Sedai's Blade or the Horde version, Fallen Vindicator Blade

Next up is a Terrokar Forest Quest called Terrokantula It's the end of a chain that has you fighting a lot of spiders and finally an Elite spider. It took me a good 7 or 8 minutes and a Lay On Hands but I soloed the Elite. This grants you a Blade of Retribution

The Alliance have an additioinal option of going to Blade's Edge Mountains for the quest, Cutting Your Teeth This will award you a Vibro Sword

When you hit 70, there is a long quest chain that culminates in Veredis Must Be Stopped, from which you get a Summoners Blade The chain is very long, but introduces you to the Ruins of Korabor, and a Tankadin's very toy, Demon Hunter Supplicants.

There you, a gaggle of Tankadin Blades without needing a single drop.

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pollock said...

Great post!

I used Sedai's blade for a while and then upgraded to the Vibro sword which I use now. Not that I tank that often as I'm usually specced holy. I've been working on my tank gear collection and have respecced a few times, mostly due to inspirations from this and other blogs. Thanks and keep it up!