Friday, December 14, 2007

Unfinished Business

Last night we regrouped and headed back to Gruul's. I downloaded and installed the new Omen. It seems much more accurate now.

I was thrust into the role of assigning the healers. Joanadark over on Tankspot wrote up an incredible guide to assigning Raid Healers which I had read. However, at the moment Rob asked me to do the job the entire guide went slam out of my head. I should have reverted back to what I did when assigning Paladin buffs: Write down the names and the jobs on my notepad and read it into Vent.

We had 3 Holy Paladins and 4 Resto Druids. I assigned 2 Paladins and 1 Druid to the Main Tank, Lanorah, and 1 Paladin and 1 Druid to the Hurtful Strike Tank (me), then left 2 Druids on Raid Heals. I got some names mixed up and pretty much sounded like I had no idea what I was doing.

The fight was going very well. We were not having very many people dying from Shatters and Battle Rez was helping to make up for our mistakes. He was at about 3% when Lanorah goes down. I don't why he died. As a good little Hurtful Strike Tank, I was 2nd on threat in melee range.

My my healers and myself realized what happened and the transition was pretty smooth. Raydz started climbing up the threat chart as the Rogues loaded up on bleeds and poisons and got out of melee range.

I was holding him, healers were keeping me up, I was Main Tanking Gruul!

I got so excited, I hit my Push to Talk key. "Oh yeah! Who says Paladin's can't tank Gruul!"


I died, but at the same moment, so did Gruul.

"Yeah, man, that was an awesome 2% there."

(You ever seen those Southwest commericals? "Wanna get away?")

With Gruul dead we set our sights on Hellfire Peninsula and Magtheridon's Lair.

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Raydz said...

"Yeah, man, that was an awesome 2% there."

That was me, im sorry i had to just poke a little bit of fun at ya since it was like to hilarious when you yelled that out then got killed.