Monday, January 21, 2008

Drama is FTL

After a wonderful afternoon of watching football, I got a call from my buddy Aoesrus. Raydz was looking for an offtank for ZA. I don't get many chances to run ZA, so I logged on and got into the raid.

I was in the back of the raid picking up the 2 trolls that spawn from that direction. Cellestia, our Holy Paladin was taking care of the birds at the front.

The trolls in the back are annoying because they spawn with aggro on a someone (generally a healer), and there first move is a Warrior like Charge which stuns you, leaving them free to go after the raid.

We cleared trash without much issue, although it got kind of tough towards the end.

As per usual, I slapped on my healing gear for the Boss fight. Eagle is very heal intensive, and it only requires 1 tank. Neither me or Raydz does much DPS and by having him tank and me heal with have 1 less in melee. We had two rogues in our party, so that would have been nearly half the raid in melee range. With Static Dispution flying around, you don't want too many in melee for it to chain off of.

I generally concentrate on keeping the real healers up.

We made 3 or 4 attempts at Eagle, but we never got him down.

During ZA, I found out that there had been some major drama in the guild early that day and that some people had left the guild.

I won't get into the details here but I'm saddened our community couldn't workout whatever differences arose. To sound horribly selfish, I really hope this doesn't set us back in progression too much. I'm finding I really enjoy raiding, and my favorite nights to log on are the nights we will be in SSC.

Hopefully everyone will cool off, people will return to our community, or we can quickly recruit replacments, and we can keep pwning bosses one by one.

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