Friday, January 11, 2008

For the Vials

Soridormi looked over the assembled heroes of Mal Katai before her. These creatures of Azeroth, dwarf, human, elf, gnome, and draenai had been sent to her from Andormu. They had been successful in stopping the Infinite Dragonflight from altering the timeline. The Dark Portal opened as it should have, as it did, as it always will.

She began her address to the mortals.

"Seven vials were drawn from the Well of Eternity by Illidan. He poured three into the lake on top of Mount Hyjal and a second Well of Eternity was created. For years the rest were believed lost.

With the opening of the Dark Portal, we've come to know that he gave one each to his lieutenants Kael'thas and Vashj. Retrieve what remains of them; we will need them as foci to open a gateway to any events tied to Mount Hyjal, recent or ancient. The outcome of the Battle of Mount Hyjal must be preserved."

"We understand, Soridormi. Mal Katai will not fail."

Mal Katai left the Caverns of Time and returned to Shattrah City.

From their early dealings with the Cenarion Expedition, they had learned that Lady Vashj was commanding the Naga forces in Coilfang Reservoir.

The leader of Mal Katai, Doraelian, sent teams of 5 adventures each into the Slave Pens, the Underbog, and finally the Steam Vaults.
It was in the Slave Pens that they discovered Skar'this the Heretic. He knew much of Vashj and the defenses surrounding her. But first, Mal Katai would have to do something for him.

"Burn it down. Burn it all down! They deserve nothing! Do you hear me! NOTHING! They must pay for what they have done. For what they continue to do.

I would kill Vashj myself if I could break free of these damned bindings.

Or maybe you seek to do the work of Neptulon? I will grant you the mark required to enter the Serpentshire Cavern, but first you must bring me the artifacts I need to form the sacred cudgel.

Do you agree?

Bring me the elemental signets that the cudgel requires!

The earthen signet is held by Gruul the Dragonkiller. Gruul can be found inside his lair in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

The second signet is the blazing heart of a creature known as Nightbane. This mythical beast is said to reside in the hallowed halls of the prophet, Medivh.

Make haste!"

Gruul and Nightbane were foes the heroes of Mal Katai knew well.

"Raistilan, Trelic, assemble the team together. We've got work to do."
Mal Katai defeated both of the monstrosities and returned to Skar'this.

"With the cudgel reformed, I shall break free of my bonds and return to Serpentshrine to exact vengeance on Vashj and her minions.
At last!

I have not forgotten our agreement, mortal. You too will now be able to enter the lair of Lady Vashj. We have much to plan.

As you fight your way to Lady Vashj, you will encounter five obstacles.

The first you will see is the Duke of Currents, Hydross the Unstable. He is being held captive by Lady Vashj, but he has gone mad and will seek to destroy you. And then, there is the great Kraken of Coilfang, the Lurker Below. If you can best those two, you will move on to Vashj's lieutenants, Leotheras the Blind, Fathom-Lord Karathress, and Morogrim Tidewalker. Only after defeating them, will you face Vashj, herself. And face her you will.

I've kept my part of the bargin. Leave me be."
Dora assembled her crack team of Druids and Rogues. There were to infiltrate Serpenshrine Cavern and learn all they could of the powers these foes possessed.

Once they were dispatched, she continued her orders.

"Celoria, Fireyes, you'll be in charge of gathering supplies. Sevenn, I need you to go to the Voilet Eye and Cenarion Expedition. Your skills as a blacksmith are unmatched. They will teach you how to make the armor we will need to survive in there. Everyone else should be helping Celoria and Fireyes gathering the supplies we'll need to lay siege to Serpentshrine Cavern, and preparing your own equipment. Devona is a Grand Master Jewelcrafter, he can help you get your sockets filled.

This is going to be a long and costly batter. Our fates and the fates of all those we love back on Azeroth depend on it. Now get going!"
A dwarf stood up from table, and raised his mace high above his head.


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That was awesome Ted!!
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