Friday, January 18, 2008

Grouping with Friends

MK is a "casual" guild. I know that means different things to different people. For Mal Katai, it means we try to limit our exposure to 25 man Raiding to no more than 3 nights a week. We tried our hand at SSC on Tuesday, and we are planning our "big" raid for Friday, and we want a run at Gruul/Mag sometime this weekend as well.

To keep from getting too burned out on 25 mans, we decided last night would be for farming/Kara/Heroics whatever.

I started out 'doing my dailies' and made laps around Zangarmarsh looking for Water Clouds. The Primal Air market is collapsing on my server due to Engineers overfarming the Air Clouds in Nagrand. So I'm going to Zangarmarsh for the more stable, yet less abundant, Water Clouds. With my Epic Flyer, I can cover a good deal of ground pretty quickly.

While I'm out buzzing Zabra'jin and Swamprat Post (lol @ Guard's Mark), I get asked to tank a Kara.

I have to honest, Kara just doesn't get the juices flowing anymore. I would have much rather done SSC/TK/Mag/Gruul, heck, even a ZA, but then I see the group is Rob, Celoria, Lisa, and David (whom I knew from our Heroes days). Kara might not excite me. Hanging out with those guys on vent while we own every creep and mob in sight, sign me up!

We cleared everything up through the Curator (didn't do Nightbane though).

We got Romulo and Julienne for Opera. One of the drops is Despair. I decided to roll on it for my lolRet set, and I win it.

The sword is freaking huge! I'm thinking of putting Savagery on it because I'm too cheap to pay for Mongoose on my "off"set right now.

I also found out that Lisa has a complete Blessings Deck that she will sell me. Time to really crank up the Dailies and farming.

The night was pretty good. I made some gold, got a new epic and had fun hanging out with some buds in vent. The downer of the night was we had one open spot, but my buddy Aoesrus was at work so he couldn't join us. That would have been the topper.

We all started signing off and I got contacted by one of our Rogues (Deil) about cutting some gems. I get cut off in mid sentence and disconnect from WoW and Vent. I sometimes get DC'ed from WoW, we all do, but when I lost vent as well, I knew it was trouble.

My internet was down. I called Knology to put in a complaint. They said that they thought it might be an area wide outage and for me to try in the morning. Of course for me, in the morning will be tonight when I get home. They also scheduled a service tech to come out and the next available appointment was Wednesday! Nearly a week, FTL!

The officer's in MK know how to get in touch with me, so if I'm not on tonight, blame Knology. There are only two cable providers in my area, Knology and Comcast. I really don't want to go to Comcast because it would mean giving up the NFL Network (me love me some NFL, oh yeah!)

I've always heard that Cable > DSL, but now I guess it's time to really look into it. My DSL options would be Earthlink, or AT&T.

Stay tuned.

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Siana said...

Check into for reviews in your area. Personally, I'd avoid Comcast. I know too many guildies that have issues with them, plus they allegedly (the FCC is looking into it) throttle torrents.

On the other hand, sounded like you were having a great time til the connection went boom!