Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Honorshammer

Galoheart remembers the day the created his toon. I've long forgotten (sad I know).

Honors was my 2nd go at the Paladin class after creating a Human Paladin named Ittai on Rexxar (PVE) in March of 2006.

But we just passed a major moment in Honor's virtual life. The day he passed through the Dark Portal. A week ago Wednesday was the 1 year anniversary of the release of the Burning Crusade. How I missed it is beyond me.
It may not have been his Birthday but it signaled a rebirth. When Patch 2.0.1 hit on December 5, 2006 I threw off the chains of Holy, and changed my spec to Prot.

I transferred from Dark Iron to Altar of Storms and became part of the guild known as Heroes Inc.

When I stepped through the Dark Portal, I was wearing (as best as I can remember) : a Soulforge Belt, Soulforge Gloves, Zandalarian Bracers, PVP Shoudlers, a Briarwood Reed, a Lightforge Breastplate, and a Helm of the Holy Avenger. I had my trusty Immovable Object and my axe, Serathil along with the Libram of Fervor.
4200 Hit points (with Kings no less!). I wish I had screenshot my full paperdoll.

I was decked in Outland greens before I left Hellfire, well except for the Shoulders. It took until Zangarmarsh to replace those.


Olle said...

Oh, nostaliga pics. I hate that i missed taking a pic of my chars =(

Galoheart said...

Haha, cool. Happy Anniversary though.

Yeah i remember taking pics when i went through the Dark Portal myself. I took tons of pics. Always good to remember stuff.

I used to be on Rexxar server myself. But of course I was Horde. Transfered from there at 65.