Thursday, January 24, 2008


The grind is done. I finally hit 375 Engineering.

Of course this meant one thing. Time to build my helicopter! I had all the mats already purchased except for the Hula Doll. The Doll you buy from Grifthah. Now in patch 2.3, Griftah was banished from Shattrah and was hanging out just outside. I flew up and down the road looking for him. Then I remembered talking with Aoes who about the amulet vendor in Lower City.

Sure enough, somehow Griftah managed to swindle his way back inside the city. I bought the Hula Doll from him and headed to the forge.

You can actually see the Hula Doll on the dash. Nice touch, Blizzard!

One of our hunters had just finished his grind with Netherwing so we met in Shattrah for our new mount screenshot.

I like the copter so much better than the Gryphon. I appreciate its loyal service, but it will remain banked for the foreseeable future.So another big goal accomplished. I set the goal, put my mind to it and accomplished it.

Now the goal moves to paying back the guildy who loaned me the gold I needed to get Epic Flying. I'm about halfway done with paying him back.

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