Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mag Again

Last night Mal Katai had some unfinished business with Gruul the Dragonkiller. This time we brought our normal Raiders. I was in my normal offtank position eating Hurtful Strikes. About halfway through the fight, everything kind of stops, and I get disconnected. That is a bad thing. I alert the backup Tank, Radyz to get ready. I log back in as fast as I can and low and behold I still have 2nd hate. We finish up and one shot his sorry behind. Still no Aldori Legacy Defender. The Shield that no less than 4 of us all want, has never dropped, not one time. Boo!

Well that was a nice warm up but then it was on the main event.


We all set up in our positions. The first Warlock goes down and I aggro a couple of stray infernals before the Warlocks banish them. About 35 seconds before Mag spawns I get ready to go pick him up. Then I notice that I can't move, I can't cast and everyone is running in place. DC'ed again!! Raydz was able to pick him up but the attempt ended in a wipe. Given my connection issues, I agree that Lan should be put on MT on Mag and I should be put on one of the Warlocks. We make two more attempts but we killed him again. During our kill, I got DC'ed again!

Gruul dropped double Champion (won't see that happen again) and Mag dropped a Champion and a Defender. I've been passing on these T4 tokens. I have the Unwavering Legguards and the Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian, both from Badges and both are upgrades to T4. I should probably get one of the two to complete my 4 piece T4 bonus, but its rare for me to have more than the Justicar Shoulderplates equipped most of the time. I'd rather see the pieces go to people who need them for their main Raid set rather than a situation set like mine would be.

I contacted my ISP about the connection problems. According to Knology everything is working "within normal parameters". They suggested that I should upgrade to their Premium internet which is designed more for gamers like myself. This is the first time I've ever had a problem with my connection, and I have to say the answer I was given was not the one I had hoped to get.

They did say that if the problem continued, I should call for service call. The problem being that the connection issue is very intermittent. I'll run at 200ms sometimes and 1000ms at others. If I DC on our next Hydross attempt its game over for the raid.

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