Monday, January 7, 2008

Magtheridon, No More


The force commander looks around at the stares of the others and then lowers his voice to a whisper.

"That seals it. They must be using the blood from this pit lord to create new fel orcs that are somehow not aligned with the Burning Legion. And if they can do this to the brown orcs, they can do it to the green ones too. With all of the new Horde orcs streaming in through the Dark Portal, that's not good!

We must strike at the heart of their military might, and soon!

Raistilan, you and Mal Katai have excelled at every mission I've ever entrusted to you. You weakened the Ramparts, defeated "Warchief" Kargath Bladefist, and discovered the source of the Fel Orcs. Honor Hold is already in your debt. But now, you know what must be done. This battle will be long and costly, what say you?"

Raistilan did not say a word. He merely gave Danatah Trollbane a sharp military salute and vanished into thin air.

Back in Shattrah City, Raistilan met with the officers of Mal Katai. They spent many hours discussing strategy and tactics they would use to face down the Pit Lord, Magtheridon.
Then it came time to gather his team.

Raistilan sent for his collegues from Dalaran, Arugala and Aerlion.

From the Cenarion Cirle he called Trelic, Blankz, Morphur, Snowson, Trigog, and Celoria.

Melevolence and Brindall, the renowned Warriors of Gnomergran came with Raydz, the famous Warrior of Darnassus.

From SI:7 came Sneakyfeat, Deil, and Nightwin.

The Order of Silver Hand sent Honorshammer, Aztk, Mowbray, Seraphcroix, Cellestia, and Pylar.

The Beastmasters: Fireyes, Araxe, Stdbakerhawk, and Tohitoplay joined the assembleming forces.

The leader of Mal Katai, Doraeallin came with her fellow Priests, Barasi and Luminati.

Then the room grew quiet as a palable sense of darkness and dread came over the meeting. The Warlocks, Sokunthea, Ilna, Regolas, and Splinterrdc had arrived.

On wings of Gryphons, Dragons, NetherRays, and Gyrocopters, Mal Katai flew out to Hellfire Citadel.
Mal Katai entered the very bowels of the fortress.
"Vermin! Leeches! Take my blood and choke on it!"
"Well sounds like we are in the right place", quipped Trelic.
Mal Katai fought through the Warders that were guarding the entrance to the huge room where Illidan had imprisioned the Pit Lord, Magtheridon!
The room was huge and circluar. 5 Channelers were in a semi transe in front of 5 rotating cubes.

From the cubes shot beams of energy that kept Magtheridon locked in a sort of stasis.

Honorshammer, Trelic, Brindall, Raydz, and Blankz each took up a position near one of the 5 Channelers.
For a breif moment everything was still. Only the quiet hum of the beam could be heard.
"Illidan is an arrogant fool! I will crush him and reclaim Outland as my own!"
Apparently being held in stasis did not stop Magtheridon from talking, or understanding what was about to happen. He turned his attention to Mal Katai.
"Wretched, meddling insects! Release me, and perhaps I will grant you a merciful death!"
Trelic has heard enough. He signaled Honorshammer to break the Channelers out of their transe.
"IT'S HAMMER TIME!!!", Honorshammer yelled as his shield flew from his hand and nailed the Hellfire Channel in the head.

What ensued was pure chaos. The Channelers responded to the attack by summoning forth Burning Abyssals. Mal Katai's Warlocks countered by banishing these Abyssals. The ones that were not banished were trapped by The Beast Masters and the last few were sent running in fear by Warlocks, Warriors, and Priests alike.

One by one the Channelers fell to might of Mal Katai and the bonds that held Magtheridon began to weaken, and finally, they could hold him no longer.

"Thank you for releasing me. Now... die!" Magtheridon bellowed.

The Pit Lord surveyed the room, sizing up which one of Mal Katai he would dispose of first.
Then the very ground beneth him was Consecrated, and he was hit with a burst of Righteous Holy power.

Ah, the Paladin, a dwarf no less, he shall be the first to die, Magtheridon thought to himself.

He spun his great poleaxe and brought it down to cleave the dwarf in two, but his mighty weapon was turned away by a Holy Shield.

The battle joined in earnest now, Magtheridon unleashed his fury on Mal Katai. A sly smile crossed his face as he began to chant an ancient incantation.

Raistilan felt an chill go down his spine, "That sounds similar to the begining of my Blastwave spell! It will kill everyone in the room!"

His mind began to race. "To the Cubes! Activate the cubes when he begins to channel the spell!!"

Magtheridon saw one of the Beast Masters, Fireyes headed for the cube. He swept his giant axe in a great arc, catching the hunter and cleaving him from head to toe.

"Did you think me weak? Soft? Who is the weak one now?!"

Trelic transformed himself into a cat and blended into the shadow as he made his way to the abandoned cube.

At each dias, a member of Mal Katai stood where the Channelers had once been.

Magtheridon completed his incantation and began to glow with power. The very ground beneth then began to shake.
"I don't believe this area is completely seismeticly stable" Deil observered.

"NOW!" screamed Raistilan.
The beams shot out of the cubes, once again trapping Magtheridon and stopping his spell.
"Not again... NOT AGAIN!" he cried.

The heroes of Mal Katai, unaccustomed to the powerful shadow energy of the cubes, began to falter.

"RELEASE HIM!" Raistilan commanded.

Magtheridon's chambered echoed with his evil laugh, "I... am... UNLEASHED!!!"

Back and forth they went. Magtheridon trying to Blastwave all of Mal Katai, but Mal Katai briefly banishing him to prevent the spell from being completed.

Magtheridon was not out of tricks just yet. He swung his weapon upward at the ceiling.

"I will not be taken so easily. Let the walls of this prison tremble... and FALL!!!"
It was a desperate manuever, but even with the very walls of the room collapsing around then, Mal Katai stayed focus.

Try as he might, Magtheridon could not deliver a blow that the combined power of Druid, Priest, and Paladin could not overcome.

Losing to Illidan was bad enough, but to be beaten by a bunch of insects!

Magtheridon could take no more. His stamina was exhausted.

"The Legion... will consume you... all...."

Celoria claimed his head to take back to Trollbane. Only his bracers remained.


Raydz said...

Good Read man! =)

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Although I was mear a pawn in the grand scheme of was all you guys!!!

Asterix said...

Awesome writeup! I could almost imagine myself being there. :)