Friday, January 25, 2008

Rocked So Hard

"I'm sure you get this all the time but i could use some help. please tell me why i am getting rocked so hard in heroics"

This was left as a comment on my post about hitting 375 Engineering and getting my ROFLcopter.

I don't mind helping people but I'd much prefer you email me a question of this type rather than leave it as a comment on a completely unrelated post. You will find my email address to the left side of the page.
Also the more specific you can be in a question, the better I feel I can offer some advice that might help like which Heroic or which mobs, etc.

That said, let me see what I can offer to assist this magic addicted, light stealing Blood Elf.

"rocked so hard in Heroics". So it seems the major concern is the incoming damage from Heroic mobs.

You are probably not going to dig my response, but here we go:

Welcome to Heroics. The fact is that Heroic mobs hit really hard. That was the mechanism that Blizzard chose to make those instances harder. As you run each Heroic you'll learn how each of them can put a hurting on you. I remember well. It's quite a shock the first time you take a 2k hit straight to the kisser.
Let me put this way. My gear is little better than yours at the moment and there are mobs in some Heroics that rock me hard, too. The 3 pulls at the end of Heroic Blood Furnace with one Warlock and 2 Demons. Those demons can cleave me (17k buffed armor) for 4k, plus a 2k normal. Ouch.

Be a bit choosy about which Heroics you run. I found Slave Pens and Botanica (skip the Satyr boss) to be the easiest Heroic to start out with. Mechanar is not too bad but be sure you have a class (or two) than can interrupt Charged Fist.

Your gear looks solid. 12.5k hit points should be enough for heroics (it's more than I had on my first Slave Pens run), but you and your team will need to be on your game.

I'd suggest using a different ring than the Ring of the Silver Hand. I can tell you are running Karazhan, so I'd recommend your Kara ring in that spot. Dathomere's Ring of Defense is also an excellent one for Heroics because of its block value.

I would consider some changes to your Talent spec.

I don't find points in Holy to be well spent.

Aura Mastery is for Holy Paladins so they can stand out of range of AoEs and still heal, but have their Aura affect melee.

Unyielding Faith, which I talked about in Fear Factor is also a poor choice as I evaluate talents. I prefer things I can control. The Prot tree is so bloated that I don't want to spend points on procs.

I feel you'll get more threat out of 1 hand specialization than you will out of Improved Seal of Righteousness. And if you are getting "rocked hard", mana certainly shouldn't be an issue so I don't think the points in Divine Intellect are well spent.

Head over to the Ret tree and pick up Benediction and Deflection. Deflection will give you some additional Pure Avoidance so some of those 2k and 3k hits will be parried instead of hit you. You will have a hard time reaching uncrushable without Deflection.
Now, mobs in Heroics can't Crush you but if you are running Karazhan, you are going to face down a boss at some point and they can crush you. You think you are getting rocked hard now, try eating a Crush.

The best thing you can do is keep gearing up and running Heroics and Karazhan.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you.

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