Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They Like Me, They Really Like Me

DING! Exalted Aldor. This is a goal I've been working on since my first day in Shattrah, but it seemed like there was always another goal that was more immediate and took precedance. In addition, getting Aldor rep could be gained almost as a side effect of other activities like questing to level 70, doing my dailies, or running Shadow Labs. It was never something I really went out of my way to get.

Until I got close to Exalted. Being so close, I wanted to see it completed. I flew out to Legion Hold, gathered up a bunch of the WraithWalkers and went to town. I couldn't take them in as large of packs as the Demon Hunter Supplicants because they were not as tightly packed and they have a magic damage attack which you have to run out of. With 3 or 4 of them doing it, it was hard to find a place to run out and not take fire damage.

Once I was Exalted, I went out and purchased my Greater Inscription of Warding and slapped that on my Justicar Shoulderguards. (wowhead photo)
Unfortunately, there is really nothing else from Aldor reputation rewards that I would use from reaching Exalted.

However, I now can use Marks of the Illidari which drop in SSC and TK to buy flasks since I am Exalted with Sha'tar, Aldor and Cenarion Expedition. These Marks will allow me to purchase Shattrah flask which should help ease the cost of raiding a bit.

Reputation Status:

Ashtongue Deathsworn: Neutral
Cenarion Expedition: Exalted
HonorHold: Exalted
Netherwing: Neutral
Ogri'la: Exalted
Sporegar: Honored
The Consortium: Revered
Lower City: Revered
Sha'tari Skyguard: Exalted
The Aldor: Exlated
Mana Addicted, Light Stealing Elves: Hated
The Sha'tar: Exalted
Keepers of Time: Revered
The Scale of Sands: Neutral
The Voilet Eye: Exalted

With one goal accomplished, a new one must take its place. That goal is now to finish off my reputation with The Consortium. There is a repeatable quest in Netherstorm which involves killiing humaniod mobs for a special drop. I am able to AoE groups of these "evil" Etherels and get the drop. There are also some quests in Netherstorm that I haven't completed yet which give Consortium rep. Finally, there is the option of running Heroic Mana Tombs, but I'd prefer to use that as a last resort.


texasjusticar said...

Running the dungeon dailies yields Consortium rep in addition to the faction you're helping.

Galoheart said...

Gratz on finally getting Exalted. Reps look pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

i see feeling is mutual between you and the scryers... "mana addicted light steeling elves" i love that

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