Friday, January 11, 2008

What Time Is It?

Last night, Mal Katai had a couple of Kara groups going.

After our struggles in Gruul's, it was nice to go back and just own a place. Even going, as I did, with the "alt" team, we had little trouble. Our group consisted of 3 Paladins, 2 Priests, 1 Druid, 1 Warlock, 1 Warrior, and 2 Hunters.

Everyone was relaxed, and joking around. The pressure of 25 man raiding put aside for at least one night.

We killed Attumen, Moroes, Big Bad Wolf, Maiden, and Nightbane.

I tanked Nightbane with 2 Fear Wards and used my "flash" Divine Shield to break out of one fear. (Flash Divine Shield is where I bubble to clear the fear or any debuff and then immediately cancel it).

This run was especially rewarding for ole Hammer because Moroes finaly dropped the Pocketwatch.

This was the last upgrade I needed from Karazhan, and it's the only drop in there that I really can't replace. Curator was stingy with his Legs, no problem, Badge me baby. Nightbane like keeping his Chest all to himself. Badge me baby.

Moroes won't give up the best burst avoidance trinket until Black Temple.......well not much to be done.

I'm still 15k Honor short of the Battlemasters Audacity. I still want to get that, but even a "Last Stand" like trinket can't compete with Moroes Lucky Pocketwatch.

These stats are in my "Avoidance" gear. In that gear I have just over 15k hit points.

I can switch around a couple of slots (Bracers of the Green Fortress become Vambracers of Courage and Boots of Elusion become Battlescar Boots) to drop my dodge to around 20% but get my Hit Points up to 15.5k. I can also change out the Pocketwatch and go double stamina trinkets (Darkmoon Card and Kara Trinket).

So with the Pocketwatch, I have lots of options with my gear.

Honors is now completly "epic'ed" out, shiny from head to toe. You won't find any blue pixels on this dwarf.

I'll still run Kara if people need a tank. I don't care for the attitude of "I don't personally need any drops so I'm not coming".

That said, I would like to concentrate more of my efforts on ZA/Mag/SSC/TK now. Of course as I said at the beginning, it was really nice to be able to relax, hang with some friends on vent and just totally own a place that used to give us as much trouble as ZA/Mag/SSC/TK are now.


Raydz said...

Grats on the pocket watch man!
Nightbane again didnt drop his shield for my group. We started late and stayed up late 11-3am server o.O but we did a full clear of kara except animal boss. I'll go for the badges, but am tired of the instance so im glad it was wrapped up in 1 night.

Galoheart said...

Gratz on the nifty watch. I'll get it some day.