Thursday, January 10, 2008

Zoom Zoom Zoom

So I broke down and borrowed 700g from a Guildy last night to buy my epic flying skill. We flew out to Shadowmoon Valley together and I laid down my 5000g.

Since my engineering is still at 368, I couldn't make my Epic Copter, so I'm back to a bird. My thinking is that I'll be able to do my Dailies faster, farm faster and basically make money faster with an Epic. The Epic Copter shall be mine!

Besides, going Zoom Zoom Zoom through Shadowmoon Valley is fun.

I picked the Purple one because I thought it looked the best on me.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was head up to Netherwing to check out the new quests I could do.

I gotta say I'm not a big fan of them. All of them require you to kill mobs, and hope for infrequent drops.

The little glob things run from you at half life and refuse to stay in my Consecrate like good little mobs and die. The flayers and the Ravagers are pretty easy but heavily farmed.

I don't skin, mine or herb so those quests are out.

The flying mobs you have to kill out on the 2 little floating islands constantly bugged out.

The Ogril'la & Skettis Dailies are much faster than the Netherwing ones.
I did get very luck and have a Netherwing Egg drop on my 3rd Flayer kill.
I'm not not crazy about being an Orc. An Orc with Justicar Shoulders just looks wrong.
After that I got invited to do ZA with my guild. The group was doing Eagle and having some problems with the Bird packs on the trash.
Of course, I made the problem go away. It took 3 attempts but we managed to down the Eagle. He dropped the Amani Punisher. It's an amazing tank weapon. Unfortunately, I lost the roll to a Shadow Priest, for whom it's also a very nice upgrade.
I was trying my best to be happy for him, but I was really disappointed. I know ZA is a short reset and I hope I'll get another shot at the Mace. The Random Number Generator can be a cruel mistress sometimes.


Farmer Rob said...

Grats man!!!!

Amanda said...

CG on the new zoomzoom! And those Netherwing quests? Yeahhh gotta agree with you on some of those. The booterang one is fun by the time you get the rep to do it, but those mobs on the islands to kill for relics, oh dear god... Did those one night with a friend who felt bad for my drop rate and came to help (30 minutes, 2 relics). I warned her I was apparently Bug Queen and she laughed. She wasn't laughing 15 minutes later when we'd managed to get half the mobs we pulled to bug out on us. So I feel your pain. ;)

Corey said...

The best spot i found to do the relic quest is to position yourself in front of the dock they fly off from. Pick them off right before they take off. I usually finish this quest in less than 15 minutes.

Galoheart said...

Zoom Zoom Zoom, Yeah its fun isn't it. Gratz.

The Three hardest or I should say most time consuming Netherwing Quests are: The one to obtain the Relic from the Transporters. For me i found a fool proof easy way to do those. I go straight to the Dragonmaw camp and i stand on the hill at slight South East of Camp on the hills around the camp. There are a few peaks there where the transporters fly back and forth over in two different fly paths. I take the eastern parth ones. I even did a write up on with a pic for the quest showing how to do it easily. However all i did was stand on one specific peak there and as the transporters fly over head i just mana tapped them as a BE and thats all i had to do. Some i just threw AS and thats it. Some transporters leave from the camp direction. Some come from the Netherwing Ledge direction flying low, so you have to constantly look in both directions. But when you do it enough you see the pattern. Easiest way to get them all, but its still a time consuming quest as the relic dont drop on every drop.

Next is the Poison quest for the peons. Consuming a bit because you have to first go to SMV to kill mobs to get meat, then come back and poison the peons. For that all i ever did was go to SMV where most the Fel Boars are and AoE those. All randon drops for the meat for the quest, so again time consuming.

At some point you get a quest to go to Nagrand at Revered i think to kill agents of BC. Obviously consuming since you have to go to Far Western Nagrand at the Demon Camp to kill a Dozen Agents or so. Lots of Reps but consuming in time.

The one time quest to banish the big Red Demon in Nagrand through the portal is not too hard at Revered but 500 or so reps. Easy way to do that is. Make sure to use the Epic Flyer. Have your Shadow Resist Aura on, fire the thing at the demon and make sure to stay flying over head and just do donuts going in a circle at a good altitude. He will slowly drain your drop your health but you be draining his faster than yours be dropping. At a % health the demon is forced through the Portal. Fun quest but can seem tricky to do properly.

To me those are the hardest and really its more time consuming than hard. Most the quests are easy or just collection quests. If you mine or herb or skin those profession get a extra quest they can do each but only one of the set to match skill.

In the mines. I never even try to kill the blob things but one time for a quest to get a specific item for a quest, where you have to kill till you get the actual item.
Other than that i never bother to kill those. KIll the worm thing as its a nuisance when gathering stuff from the carts. The other side of mine is just AoE heaven. There i just AoE everything. South of the mines on that side on the Flayer mob side always have the most carts to get the items. Often easy when entering the mines to drop down on the side with the blobs to get the cart with the stuff as most are on that side with the worms as nuisance mobs. Humanoids mobs there drops lots of crystals also as often lots of green items for random drops. Collect crystal quests gets done easy in the mines, easy just kill all the flayers and ravagers. Takes about 30 min for me to do all 3 Quests in the mines as often its competitive.

Thats as easy and simple as it all is. However the Booterang Quests are my favorite, just like to wack the peons for fun. You can do that quests in the air without being on the ground also. Hover over the peons and wack them from above.