Friday, February 29, 2008

2.4 Badge Gear

2.4 was announced that Blizzard would be introducing "Tier 6" level Badge gear.

The Legs and Ring look pretty good. Both of the Chests have possibilities but the boots are just bad. The Belt is situational. You would think for their cost and being an entire Tier above the 2.3 Badge they would be clear upgrades in all cases.

Not so much.

First up we have the big ticket item,

Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor
1406 Armor
78 Stamina
Red Socket
Yellow Socket
25 Defense
43 Dodge
37 Spell damage

Comparing it to the 2.3 Legs, Unwavering Legguards.

5 stamina, 3 defense, 43 dodge, 37 spell damage

-1 socket, -30 Block Rating, -59 Block Value

The stamina and defense are easily made up by the extra socket, but the Dodge and Spell Damage blow the old badge legs out of the water.

It seems like I'd want the new Badge Legs for Bosses and threat fights and use the old badge legs in my Block Value set.

100 Badges and it looks like a definite BUY!

They've also added a new Tanking Ring to Badges.

Ring of the Stalwart Protector
392 Armor
45 stamina
28 Dodge

Compared to the Violet Signet of the Great Protector,

+8 Stamina, +28 Dodge

-19 Defense

Assuming I can take the hit in the defense department, this would be an upgrade in most of my sets.

There is new Chest from Badge rewards.

Shattrath Protectorate Breastplate
1668 Armor
78 Stamina
Blue Socket
26 Defense
34 Spell Hit
60 Spell Damage

The Spell Hit really boggles my mind. We only have a couple of skills that rely on spell hit, and those aren't even what I'd consider critical ones. Avengers Shield and Taunt both go off melee hit.

Compared to the Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian,

18 stamina, 4 defense, 25 spell damage

-2 sockets, -38 dodge

The sockets easily equalize out the stamina and defense gains making it a trade of spell damage for dodge.

Initially this looks like a poor trade, however, I'm getting close to having over 25% dodge in nearly every gear set. It might actually make sense to reduce my dodge a little bit and pick up more spell damage, especially if I pick up dodge on the new ring and the new legs.

Now we look at the boots. They recently changed on the PTR to add some additional armor and changed the name as well.

Blues Greave's of the Righteous Guardian
1212 Armor
58 Stamina
Red Socket
23 Spell Hit
34 Shield Block Rating
26 Spell Damage

Comparing these to my current boots, the Sabatons of the Righteous Defender

100 armor, 13 stamina, 5 spell hit, 34 shield block RATING, 3 spell damage
-1 less gem slot
-18 Defense
-30 Block Value

For 75 badges? This is Tier 6 level Badge gear? Give me Righteous Defender any day.

Next up, we have the Girdle of the Fearless.

904 Armor
58 Stamina
Red Socket
34 Defense
23 Hit Rating
22 Expertise

One of the reason I dig the Aldori Legacy Defender so much is because it has the melee hit for Righteous Defense and Avenger's Shield. Nearly every time I do the Bear Avatar in ZA, I get at least one taunt resisted. Those resists have caused wipes or a slow down and have prevented us from beating the timer. Since I won't be seeing the ALD anytime soon, I could substitute this belt in my gearset for situations where a taunt is critical, but it remains a fairly situational piece, and won't be a high priority.

Finally, you have the much anticipated "Warrior" Chest.

Chestguard of Stoicism
1668 Armor
78 Stamina
Red Socket
51 Defense
34 Dodge
39 Block Value

Compared to my current Block Value chest, The Panzar'thar Breastplate,

210 Armor, 27 Stamina, 25 Defense, 34 Dodge
-2 sockets, -24 block rating

The Stamina difference can almost be made up for by the sockets, and you trade the Block Rating for Defense. You pick up some good armor, and healthy amount of dodge.

I do a ton of AoE tanking right now (Tidwalker, Dragonhawk, soon Solarian) so this is definitely a purchase I need to consider.

The Legs, both chests, and the ring come to a nice round 360 badges. The belt would increase that to 435 badges.


Galoheart said...

I'm wondering if you can make a link to this post on the link list. Easy to find if anyone need to reference it. I usually reread gear list often just so i get gear straight.

However its a nice list write up. I may need to start making me a new list from where my gear is at. Been referencing Kaziel 2.3 Badge gear list as needed to reference gear planning. All that will change in 2.4 and pretty much has already.

Seem like there will be a new meaning to the word Grinding Heroics for Tons of Badges to pick up the new pieces. I could barely decide what to get next at this point.

BigFire said...

Since my guild stopped doing TK, this and the ZA tanking chest will be my logical upgrade from Kara blocking chest for my blocking set. I'll probably pick up the leggings and retire my 2.3 badge legs and have a genuine avoidance legs for a change.

Kaziel said...

Finally finished up my reply to your post on my analysis of 2.4 badge gear. check it out when you can. :)

Tankadin said...

From my understanding our Taunt and Shield DO get effected by Spell Hit. I have the basic spell hit from common weapons and badge+ gear and havn't seen a resist in a very long time and only once on Bear Avatar but that was 8 months ago. I could be wrong but I'm fairly sure Spell hit helps as well as the Expertise Talent.

Honors Code said...


That is not accurate. Spell Hit does not affect either our Taunt or Sheild toss.

It's a moot issue next patch (3.0.2) anyway as spell hit and melee hit are being combined.