Friday, February 29, 2008


According to my nifty little site counter, this site has reached 50,000 views.

Thank you to all the visitors, commentors, and Lurkers. I hope you continue to enjoy what you find on my blog.

Big thanks to World Of Warcraft, Ardent Defender, Positive Warrior, MainTankadin, Repair Bill, and Zen Tanking for linking to me and referring people here.


Raydz said...


Belgarath said...

Grats Honor. I just found your blog recently and I am loving it. Keep up the good work.


Ataris said...

Grats, dude! Keep it up, before you know it you'll reach 100K.

Galoheart said...

Gratz on 50K. A milestone and no easy task at them numbers. Kudos to a great blog for getting them up there as well.

Keep it up. Glad able to help get you there as well.