Friday, February 8, 2008

Bearly Made It

My ZA group dove into the instance last night. Our goal was to beat the timer on the Bear Boss. The group had done it previously, but I personally had never beaten the timer on the Bear Boss. We started pulling like mad. Our Warrior Tank for the night was Brindall.

I really have to give major kudos out to Mowbray (Holy Paladin), Celoria (Tree Druid) and Doraeallin (Holy Priest) as they did a great job. I have never felt so safe tanking the Bear Rider trash. I never got anywhere close to in danger.

Then we come to the Bear Boss himself. It's going to be close on the time. First transition comes up, and I taunt, and nothing happens. The Bear is just happily banging away at Brindall. My taunt is on cooldown. Mel, a Fury Warrior steps in and taunts (of crits 3 times in a row I'm not sure, it had the same effect). So Bear Boss decides to go gnaw on him long enough for my cooldown to come back around. I taunt and get him on me for a few seconds before changing forms again. I don't think I've ever done Bear where my taunt didn't get resisted at least once.

We were fortunate enough to get him down. Healing Leather dropped from the timer chest.

We decided to give Eagle a go afterwords. We almost got him in the timer as well but we had a couple of people new to the fight so we wiped once. He didn't drop the Mace again, , maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

My guild just beat the first timer for the first time ever on Thursday night - I was very excited, but no shoulders for me (sadly still rocking the D3 shoulders) - instead, our mage got some cloth shoulders.

We didn't bother to attempt the second timer, because the second boss has given us some trouble and some really long fights, but that may have been an error - we one-shotted him. No mace, though.

Afterwards, we went and wiped on the third boss's gauntlet a couple times, then called it a night.


Raydz said...

Grats on timer!