Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Get In The Ring!

So last night as the raid was winding down, one of our Shadow Priests, Barasi, asked if anyone could join his 3v3 to finish out the games he needed to qualify for points this week.

It's been several weeks since I've had time to Arena so I offered my services. The team was me (Prot Paladin), Luminati (Holy Priest) and Barasi (Shadow Priest). We had some inkling that this matrix may not give us the best opportunity for success.

So I grabbed a portal to Ironforge, laid down my 20g, and insta-presto-chango, Ret Paladin!

I swung by my bank to pick up all the Ret gear that has been gathering dust and strapped it on.

So we queued up.

Now I haven't played Ret since probably my mid 50s. If you look at the screenshot closely, you'll see I dont even have Repentance on my hotbar. I r noob!

Our first match was in the Blades Edge Arena (the one with the bridge) against a Hunter, Rogue, Rogue team. Barasi is a very good PVPer and called targets. He sent me after the Hunter. I've fought Hunters before and never done very well.

Well, I ran up to the hunter, ignorning his pet, and threw everything I had at him. Seal of Command, Hammer of Justice, Judgement, Crusader Strike, everything, and to my great surprise, he died. I don't know what Barasi hit him with but he went down. I managed to bubble Lumi which frustated the Rogues to no end I'm sure. We manage to finish off both Rogues and win the match.

Next, we faced a Shaman, Warrior, Warrior team, again in Blade's Edge. I went after the Shaman and managed to kill him, they got Lumi but Barasi and I finished off the other two Warriors. A well geared Shadow Priest protected from melee by a Blessing of Protection is a scary thing.

Our next match was also Blades Edge. This time it was against Paladin, Warrior, Rogue. First they tried to Focus Fire me, but I bubbled. Barasi had me stay on the Paladin until he bubbled, the Barasi would mass dispell. The problem being that while I killed the Paladin, the Rogue and Warrior turned Barasi into fillet o Dreanai. Then they burst down Lumi and finished me off.

The final match of the night was against Priest, Warrior, Rogue. I managed to kill the Priest while Barasi and Lumi kited the Rogue and the Warrior around.

For the night we went 3-1. I got up to 30% and Lumi and Barasi got over 10 so everyone gets points.

The scariest thing about the night was it was really fun. I've been tanking for almost a year now and it was nice to do something different for a little while. It's been a long long time since I've felt like much more than a free HK in PVP.

Something about wielding a big ole sword, and Despair is freaking huge, is just plain fun.

I've got my Epic Flyer so there isn't a huge drain on my finances so respecing once in a while won't hurt anything. I'll be Prot again tonight for Raiding, but I plan on revisiting Ret again at some point soon.

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Galoheart said...

I've being picking up so much Ret gear running instances and Heroics i almost have no room to put it all. I can say i just about have a what can pass as a full Ret set. Right now its just gathering dust, but if i decide to do PvP for the Mace i guess i can dust it all off and run with it.

However seem like you all had fun in Arena. Yeah its also good to do something different sometimes.