Thursday, February 28, 2008

It Keeps Us Going

Hey Honor how you doing? I have only been to kara once since we spoke. But anyway, I main tanked Attumen, Moroes and healed on maiden. The others said that a pally tank wasn’t any good for maiden, so I just off healed, question is, is that true?
We made it to romeo and Juliet and wiped a few times and everyone called it, couldn’t get a group since. So I took on romeo, dispelled the poison off myself since no pally healers, and got him down to 4%, and the rogue missed the heal on Juliet as she healed herself from 3 to 27% and the healer missed heal on me. We wiped and people started to break and that was that.
I am now like 516 or something and 1.98% crushable. I didn’t seem to get one shot at all.
Sorry for such a long email, I was just happy with my performance, that I owe all to you from reading your blog and wanted to give you a little info on how I did
The other question that I meant to ask is what do you do for spell power? With all the gear that I have obtained is for defense and stamina and such, what do you do to make up for the lack of the spell power? I only have 23 right now, which I know is low, but haven’t had too much trouble keeping aggro, I only worry about it as the rest in my group get better equipped.
I again thank you for all your help and also would like to let you know now that I have been making a little name for myself and started to get whispered quite a lot to come tank a heroic for people I tell them that I am only following your threat rotation recommendations lol :P
I'm glad to hear your first Kara went well. I remember well my first night. I was very nervous, and excited all at the same time. Our plan was just to try Attumen, but we got him down on our first night of attempts.
1. Maiden
The reason people don't dig Paladin Tanks on her is the .5 second silence she does every second. To counteract this, you've got to spam your abilities so that they eventually go off. Paladins are valuable for dispelling Holy Fire and for using Blessing of Sacrifice to get out of Repentance, then healing the tank until the other healers are out.
I actually prefer to heal this fight. I only heal two fights in all of Kara, Maiden and Shade of Aran. It's really annoying to me to have to sit there and bang away on my keys just to get a Holy Shield or Judgement off. That said, I've tanked her any number of times.
2. Romeo and Juliet
We don't get this event often. We seem to get BBW constantly. Romeo is a fast attacker, which makes him ideal for a Paladin to tank. You just have to have your Warrior, Shaman or Rogue get their interrupts on Juliet or it will go poorly.
3. Uncrushable.
For the bosses you are doing, being a little Crushable shouldn't be a big deal. The further you get into Kara the more important being uncrushable will be. Don't attempt Prince if you are not fully Uncrushable. Hopefully you'll see some upgrades from the Bosses you are doing.
4. Spell Damage.
Replace your Sun Eater with a Continuum Blade from Keeper's of Time. Get a 40 Spell Damage enchant on it. You should be good for all of Kara. After that it's either PVP for spell damage Mace or Zul'Aman for the Amani Punisher.

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