Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Raid Tuesday

We didn’t raid Tuesday night. I’m not sure exactly why but I think it was because our Raid Leader was ill. So we didn’t get another kill on Hydross/Lurker.

So instead of raiding, I was doing Dailies, fishing, and playing my alts.

I got my Hunter up to level 62. Ganking in Hellfire Peninsula is an order of magnitude worse than when I leveled Honorshammer, and it’s especially bad around the little Cenarion Camp in western Hellfire.

I play on a PVP server, so I understand that ganking comes with the territory. I had one run in with a Horde hunter that was particularly bad.

We must have had all the same quests because I ran into him killing Void Walkers. He engaged and killed me. No big deal, PVP server. I came back, drank and bandaged up and attacked him. I had every advantage I could think of: he was engaged with a mob and I got the drop on him. He killed me anyway. Okay, time to find another quest to do. I go halfway across the zone and start working on another quest. He must have had that one too because a couple of minutes later he comes by and kills me.

At this point, all I wanted to do was to quest a bit on my Hunter. I really didn’t want to engage in PVP anymore. I rezed one more time, looked for yet another questing area, this time closer to the Alliance quest hub at the Temple of Telhamat. Guess who else had a quest over there?

Okay, enough was enough. This guy had killed me four times and basically was making it impossible to play my Hunter. Well, it’s a PVP server. I have options.


I grabbed Honorshammer, flew over to Hellfire and found him. Swooped down and started attacking him. He kited me almost all the way back to the Horde quest hub of Falcon Watch. I’m a Protection spec Paladin, killing things quickly is not in the resume.

Pro Tip: It’s hard to kite a Paladin with an Epic Flying Helicopter.

I hovered over his inert dead body for a few minutes but decided not to camp him.

Strangest thing was after that, not another Horde in the zone engaged me. Blood Elf Hunter and I did the ‘care bear stare’ for a couple of seconds. A Blood Elf Paladin slipped by me to go kill some mobs. I left them both alone, as that is all I wanted from the Horde at that time.

My Hunter’s name is Honorshummer, my Paladin is Honorshammer. It wouldn’t take a Mensa student to figure out what happened. I wonder if he warned the other Horde in the area.

It’s also very difficult to get groups for the group quests or the instances. When I was leveling Honorshammer, there were plentiful groups for everything and as a tank, I was always in demand.

My Hunter mainly exists to give my Paladin a miner, since I dropped mining for Engineering and still have Jewelcrafting. I know of the 10 million WoW players, about 9 million are Hunters, but I really enjoy the class, and I think it will be fun to level him up to 70. Anyway, I’m going to need a miner for the xpac to skill up Honorshammer’s Jewelcrafting and Engineering.

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Bandarno said...

Maybe its worse with your hunter because people are weary of wasting the time to kill a high-survivability class like a Paladin?

I know what you mean though, leveling my mage is a heck of a lot more annoying due to ganking than it was with my druid and the ability to stealth.