Friday, February 15, 2008

The Punisher

Thursday night, our intrepid team of adventures once again faced the perils that awaited them inside the troll city of Zul'Aman.

The night started out inauspiciously when our Feral Druid disconnected pulling trash to Bear boss. We were able to compensate, and he was able to get back online. We still managed to beat the Bear boss timer, but it was close.

Then we dashed over the Eagle boss. The attempt went very well. A couple of times one person wouldn't collapse in quite far enough. This was without exception a healer (including me) who was trying to get off one last healing spell before the timer was up. Everyone reacted quickly and we didn't lose anyone, although one of our Holy Paladins had to bubble to keep from dying. We missed the timer on him by about 1 minute. We were disappointed, but we have greater confidence we can get him next time.

And speaking of next time, this time was the next time he would drop the Amani Punisher. I had lost the mace previously to one of our Shadow Priests and there was a different Shadow Priest in the raid this time. He chose not roll against me, in fact, no one rolled against on the mace.

So here I am the proud owner of the Amani Punisher.
It's an increase in both health and mana for a loss of a little bit of spell damage. I'm almost not sure what to make of the spell hit, but I'm really wishing that Blizzard had not changed our taunt to rely on melee hit instead of spell hit.

After Eagle we made our way to Lynx. With 2 Holy Paladins in the raid, I didn't have to as concerned about Flame Shock as I did last time when we didn't have any Paladins but me. I still managed to due some cleansing, but I could focus on the pickup of the Spirit Lynx. Each pickup went well and he never got loose, although we had a couple of close call where he just about took a bite out of our Tree Druid, Celoria. When it comes to my Druid, I'm a tree hugger. No body touches my tree.
Next up on the docket was Dragonhawk. This time we brought 3 mages whereas last time we only had one. After one of our wipes our mages communicated that they really didn't know when it was safe to AoE. So I made a macro that spammed a Raid Warning that said AoE NOW!

We had to figure out a way to have most of the eggs hatched before the boss enraged but not risk a hatcher being alive if we got teleported. We would need the healers to be able to give their full attention to Brindall, our Warrior tank. Dragonhawk Boss speeds up his attack speed and damage once he enrages, so Brindall would take some Crushes. Having all the eggs down meant that our healers could concentrate on keeping him alive.

Finally, everything came together. We AoE'ed down the birds and kept Brindall up through the Enrage and for the first time saw the boss die.

He dropped the Healing Shield and not the Tank Shield that Brindall and I have been wanting. Sevenn, our Holy and sometimes Ret Paladin, has a nice new shield. I hope we keep killing him because I know both Brindall and I need the tanking shield.
With all 4 Animal Bosses down, we went and took a look at HexLord's trash. His trash didn't seem too bad, the Beserkers hit like trucks when they enrage. I haven't read up on HexLord yet, but he looks like a Moroes/HKM/Fathom Lord type fight.

MK is now 4/6 in Zul'Aman.

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BigFire said...

I sincerly doubt the punisher exist for my guild. Ran the Eagle boss until I stop going, never dropped for me. Bought S2 Mace with hard earned Arena point (you know how hard it is to Arena heal while prot) and enchanted. 1 week later, I got an upgrade from that...