Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunder My Soul

One little tidbit I failed to mention in my Tidewalker post were the drops. I honestly don’t remember them except for the Ring of Sundered Souls. When I saw that drop, I almost sqeed.

Many Tankadins consider Sundered Souls to be one of the best Tank rings currently in the game, better even than the ring that drops in Black Temple. It's a solid combination of Stamina, Defense, and Dodge. It’s paired with the Mount Hyjal repututation ring as the #1 combination for Protection Paladins in MT Gear Progression guild on MainTankadin.

I pulled up the loot master and typed the whisper for my MKP bid. You ever notice how long it takes the loot master to get around to a piece of loot you really want.

None of the Druids bid, which I thought was odd, but I know very little about Feral Tank itemization. One of the Warriors, Lanorah, bid. Lan is one of our tanks for SSC and Main Tanked our Guild first Gruul kill.

We had both bid 5. I knew I had 6 MKP, so it was up to me whether to increase my bid or let it go to a “fair roll” between Lan and myself. Whoever won the roll would get the Ring and lose their 5 MKP, or I could bid 6 and guarantee I get the ring and lose my 5 MKP.

That’s exactly that I did.

So now I have the Ring. I lose about 233 armor and 5 defense from the Shermanar Great Ring, but I pick up 9 stamina and 25 dodge.

I finally get my name under one of those first kill screenshots.

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Bandarno said...

The reason none of the druid's rolled is probably the lack of armor. Both of my rings have between 280-380ish armor, which equates to around 1500ish armor when in bear form, each.

So while the stamina on that ring is indeed nice, it would have been obtained at the loss of a decent amount of armor.