Sunday, February 17, 2008


Friday night Mal Katai managed to get the raid together and launched attacks at Morogrim Tidewalker. The strategy we were using had me front and center in handling the Murlocs. I would have Valdrin, a Warlock, Life tapping as the Murlocs spawned, and start casting Holy Light on him, until I had the Murlocs on me.

Our first attempt, the Murlocs simply ignored me. This was despite the fact that I landed nearly 10k in healing on Valdrin. They streamed right to Akivarr, a Shadow Priest.

The next attempt, at the beginning of the fight, I judged Light on Morogrim, and then whacked him a couple of times to make sure he knew I was there. This time I was able to get the Murlocs to aggro to me. The first Holy Light didn’t do it, the second Holy Light didn’t do it, but when the third one landed, you could see them change their path and head for me.

I chose to tank the Murlocs in-between the melee and the ranged. While this did mean I was in range for Watery Grave, it also meant that the AoEers didn’t have to move as far to AoE the Murlocs and I was right in the middle of things if something went wrong with the pickup.

Once there I would Consecrate, Holy Shield and then activate Seal of Righteousness. I found after an attempt or two that Seal of Wisdom was better because I was getting Mana starved.

I started the fight in my “Block Value” gear. This gear has over 600 BV on it. Since I was constantly hurting for mana, I switched some gear around. I went with my T4 gloves for the 2 piece bonus, and threw on the Triptych Shield of the Ancients instead of my Shield of Impenetrable Darkness. This increased my bonus healing without a huge loss in survivability. All of the Kara Shields have roughly the same armor on them.

It seemed like I was starting to get the hang of getting the Murlocs. Then someone healed Valdrin, so more of my heal was overheal, which doesn’t generate any threat.

I made a comment asking for people to not heal Valdrin which lead to a longer than necessary discussion in vent between myself and one of our Rogues. He thought I was instructing the healers to not heal the DPS after the quake, when I was only asking them to not heal Valdrin. It was a simple misunderstanding but I think we got it resolved.

We went with a Druid to tank Morogrim himself. We had had issues in our previous attempts with keeping our Warrior tank alive. Morogrim blows through a Warrior’s Shield Block pretty quick opening them up to Crushing Blows. Druids are built to take Crushing Blows because they lack the mechanics to push them off the combat table.

There was tremendous pressure on Celoria, our Tree Druid, as she was trying to cover the Watery Graves and help with general raid heals. She couldn’t be in range to do both at the same time.

We made several good attempts, but we lost time with people having to leave and getting replacements.

We had already gone about 30 minutes past our scheduled end time, but we decided we’d make “one more attempt”

This time everything came together. The Healers were able to keep our Druid up on all fours. I was able (for the most part) to get the Murlocs under control.

At 25%, Morogrim stops with Graves but summons Water Globules, which tend to blow up when they reach your raid. We had the whole raid move up and get really close to Tidewalker. This was the first time we’d ever gotten him that low.

What I didn’t realize was that this would put me much closer to the north spawning group of Murlocs. They started hitting me before I could get my third heal off, which made picking up the southern group very difficult. I asked for the Fury Warriors and other Druids to help me out, and they brought the Murlocs in my Consecration spam.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Mal Katai 3/6 SSC


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Grats Man!

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Congrats on the kill Honor!

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oh god. I miss this.

AkivarrProballer said...

Oh god,I miss this so much. Honorshammer #1 tank