Monday, February 11, 2008

Wasted Weekend

The weekend was something of a bust. Friday night, our SSC raid was cancelled due to lack of people online, and our attempts to reschedule on Saturday proved no better. We couldn’t even get a Zul’Aman group going. I understand we are a “casual guild that raids”, but it’s frustrating seeing Raids get cancelled.

I spent some time grinding Consortium rep and farming for Primals. I even worked on my Fishing (all the way up to 150).When you are in a Raid group, you can’t do Daily’s and you can’t quest at all. My favorite place to grind Consortium rep is The Heap south of Netherstorm. I can pull a group of 6-8 and take them down with Consecrate, Holy Shield and my Petrified Lichen Guard. I could take larger groups but I play on a PVP server and there always seem to be some friendly Undead Rogue or Tauren Shaman ready to help those pesky Ethereals.

I also got my Hunter, Honorshummer, to level 60 so I grabbed a couple of guys to go into Zul’Gurub to tame one of the tigers there. The tiger skin in Zul’Gurub is one of the best looking for a cat in the game in my eyes. I should have picked up the skin around level 35 in Stranglethorn, but I didn’t. My options were convince a couple of guildies to run ZG far enough to tame one there or level a pet up from level 35 to 60. I’m actually considering doing that for Humar the Pridelord, which I think is THE best looking skin for a cat, but I just can’t put myself through that. It would take too much time to camp his spawn point, tame him and then level him up all the way to 60 or 70.

What’s becoming concerning to me is that we basically wasted last week. We only raided for an hour on Tuesday night downed 2 Bosses and called it a night. Then our attempts at putting together a raid failed completely on the weekend. Unless we get a 25 together Sunday or Monday, we essentially didn’t raid at all this week.

We seem to get caught in-between two extremes. We can’t go late during the week because people have work or school. We have trouble getting people online during the weekend because people want to have a social life. I can’t blame people in either case, but it does make it difficult for getting a raid together.

Friday 1/25 – Hydross down (Tankadin connection Issues)
Saturday 1/26 – Raid Called
Monday 1/28 – Lurker Wipes
Tuesday 1/29 – 1 Shot Hydross, Progression Kill Lurker
Saturday 2/2 – Morogrim Wipes
Monday 2/4 – Gruul Farming, Morogrim Wipes
Tuesday 2/5 – 1 Shot Hydross, 1 shot Lurker and Stop after an hour of raiding.
Friday 2/8 – Raid Called
Saturday 2/9 – Raid Called

3 Raids called in the past 2 weeks. That really makes me a sad panda, and it makes me question if what I want to get out of the game is the same thing as what the guild wants.

This isn’t a “loot” thing. Blizzard just announced that Teir 6 level Badge Of Justice rewards are going to be added in with the next patch, so I can get T6 level loot. They also announced that they are removing the attunement requirements for Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. This means that presuming we can find 25 people who want to raid, MK will see those instances (at least partially). It also means that very few guilds will bother learning Kael’Thalas or Lady Vashj anymore.

I’m an explorer at heart. I want to see the zones, see the fights, hear the soundtracks, and battle with these awesome characters I came to love or hate playing WarCraft 3 and its expansion. Sunwell is supposed to conclude the Tempest Keep storyline, but I'm only halfway through the Tempest Keep storyline! I've missed half the story.

I really like the guys in MK, but I put too much time and effort into my character to be fishing and alting on Raid nights. I guess I’m just frustrated.

I’ll just have to wait and see how next week goes.


Nilum said...

I don't want to ninja you from you current guild, but if you're ever shopping for a new guild and don't mind a server transfer, Fidelis Amicus is a great guild on the Staghelm server. We are also a "friends who raid" guild, who are currently finishing up on kara and moving up to ZA (we're currently too small for 25 man content).

Good luck in you raiding,
70 Holy Paladin
Fidelis Amicus
Staghelm Server

Ezharon said...

I've got exactly the same feelings though I don't have any solution for my case.

I'm from New Caledonia a small french South Pacific Island (east of Australia). So I'm playing on a french european server named Uldaman (1000ms ping :)) and as we're at GTM+11 and France is actually at GTM+1 we can't raid at the same hours.

So I've set a guild a few month ago with some locals guys. We're actually less than 40. And pretty like your guild we're a "casual guild" which raid.

We cannot raid too late on week because we have to go work next morning, and on week-end we have families social thinks to do.

This week we've called the raid (we're actually only doing Kara at this time) on thursday, friday and monday. Quite frustating as I want to progress and see the zones.

Stuck to heroics instead.

Like you this not a loot thing as I've got T5-level stuff from badges. With next patch I'll have a nice new trinklet and sword from heroics and other T6-level stuff from badges.

Ezharon said...

oups was speaking of the new mace cudgel of consecration (not sword). Not related to your post though ;-)

Anonymous said...

nilum - I don't think it would be possible for a Kara guild to ninja a guy from a T5 guild. I doubt that's ever happened in the history of WoW. ;)