Monday, March 31, 2008

Burning Ring of Fire

Sunday night, we took another crack at Al'ar, but first we went and one-shot Solarian. I still seem to have trouble holding the adds off the AoE, specifically a very well geared Warlock named Lontra. We can't afford to wait for consecrate to tick much because we need to get DPS onto the Priests. My consecrate hits for about 120 in my threat gear. I've heard of other Protection Paladins getting that number over 200. I wonder if you need some pieces of Teir 5 to pull that off.
The Boots of the Resilient dropped but I let them go to Lanorah (Warrior). I have Sabatons of the Righteous Defender which are very comparable to the Boots of the Resilient. In my opinion, the Righteous Defender are better for a Paladin. I'm not sure which set I'd use the Resilient in, maybe an all out Stamina set.
With Solarian taken care of, we went to Al'ar. We were using 5 tanks this time. 2 on adds and 3 on Al'ar himself.
We were flying through Phase 1 with no problems and no deaths for the most part.  Then came Phase 2. Our biggest problem in Phase 2 seems to be the Flame Patches that appear on the ground. I don't know if it's a bug or a change, but our Warriors could no longer spell reflect the patches to make them go away.
What's the number one rule of Raiding?
What'd we do?
We stand in the fire. Our first two attempts were doomed by losing people to the fire patches. I don't know how hard or how fast they tick, but we had 2 or 3 people die in one.
Our best attempt turned out to be the 2nd to last one. Everything was going perfect. Blankz (Feral Druid) and I were picking up adds and they were getting DPSed down.
Then right after a Meteor, Al'ar decides he's had enough of me roughing up his kids. He charges me and decides I'm a tasty dwarf and proceeds to kill me. I was wearing threat gear for this fight and I'm not Uncrushable in that gear. At this point, Al'ar is at 9% and we have 3 adds up. Kill the adds and its over.
We kill one add with a Hunter tanking it. Al'ars at 3%. Another Add goes down. Al'ar doesn't die! (Each add is SUPPOSED to take 3% off his health. My guess is that the mods kind of guess at what he's at. He was probably more like 4%). He goes up and Meteor's landing right on our few remaining players. 1%!!! He does his AoE. Wipe.
DPS had been complaining during all 4 attempts about how the adds were spread out. We did this partially so Blankz and I didn't blow each other up but the reality was that we picked up our mobs and pulled them out of the raid as quickly as possible. I wasn't really concerned as to where I was pulling them. It seemed like as soon as my add died (we killed Blankz's first) the next set was coming.
I did the best I could.
After the raid, someone comments again about how the adds were spread out. I lost it. It was late, I was tired, it had been a frustrating night where we were robbed of the kill. I went off on the guy.
I was assured by the officers and raid leaders that the add placement was not an issue.
Kael's little bird will die. Oh yes, he will die.

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