Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Mal Katai set our sites on the sentinel of the Black Temple, DoomWalker.

Our first go at him was Sunday night. We actually had a full 40 man all Mal Katai Raid. I never thought I'd see that happen. Here we are all floating around waiting for the raid to get started.
I play on a PVP server, so secrecy about your World Boss attempts is of the utmost importance. We didn't do a real good job of that on Sunday night. People were naturally curious and would fly over to him and aggro him
When that happens, he yells to the entire zone:
"Someone is trying to kill me, please come see if they are your opposite faction so you can come kill them."
This was actually not my first time confronting DoomWalker as he was one of the few bosses I was allowed do to in my brief stint with Bloodsky. Only this time, I was on tanking duty, with my healing gear safely in my backpack.
We got in one attempt Sunday night before the Horde arrived. During our second attempt the Horde went after our healers, and we wiped. We called the raid at that point and several of my guildmates went on a Horde killing spree.
We returned Monday night, and managed not to aggro him. We got buffed up and ready. Trelic, our incredible Feral Druid would be the Main Tank with Lanorah and myself on Overrun duty.
We lost a couple of people early on to Overrun. My taunt targets the player and not the mob, so I would get "Out of Range" errors sometimes when I tried to taunt.
After he gets below 20%, DoomWalker enrages and hits twice as hard. At this point, we had Lanorah take him and Shield Wall. We caught a break in that we put him under 20% just as he was starting and earthquake. So he stood there pounding away at the ground while our DPS worked him over. He didn't actually enrage until 18%. Lan put up Shield Wall.
Once Shield Wall was used up, we taunted him between Trelic, Lanorah, and myself.
Doomwalker hits really hard, around 6k damage normal hit. Then he has a chain lighting which gets bigger every time it jumps. I took one chain lightning for 12k
Our healers were amazing, and our DPS rocked the house.
One Dead Doomwalker.
I had forgotten, but after you kill Doomwalker, you get attacked by Illidari.
He dropped the Faceguard of the Endless Watch and a Talon of the Tempest.
I compared to the Faceguard to my Tankatronics and the Tankatronics win, hands down. The Faceguard actually ended up to going to our "new" Tankadin, LastPally. This was the guy I had shredded on the forums when he apped.
The Talon went for a 11 MKP (a very high bid under our system) to Aerlion, one of our mages.

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Galoheart said...

Gratz on DoomWalker. Never been around to see a actual raid on him, these days hardly in SMV also.

Thats a quite nice helm also.

Couldn't seem to click and blowup that screenshot image either. But does seem nice with mounts buzzing around in the shot.